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Ms. Indic 16 - Aṣṭasāhasrikā prajñāpāramitā
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Indic Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Indic 16 - Aṣṭasāhasrikā prajñāpāramitā
Tripiṭaka. Sūtrapiṭaka. Prajñāpāramitā. Aṣṭasāhasrikā. Selections.
Aṣṭasāhasrikā prajñāpāramitā, circa 1200-1399.
Physical description:
1 item (1 leaf) : palm leaf ; 48 x 5 cm.
Early manuscript leaf from Nepal, with a short section taken from a teaching (sūtra) on Mahāyāna Buddhist wisdom. There are three painted images: a larger, central figure, possibly the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara, with two attendants on either side. These images are painted over the original script and so are later than the text.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Written in 5 lines per leaf.
1 leaf.
Dated 1200-1399 based on previous appraisal.
Corrected text in margins; vertical borders indicated with triple black line surrounding three paintings.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Indic 16.
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Indic 16
Vernacular script:
अष्टसाहस्रिका प्रज्ञापारमिता, १२००-१३९९.
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