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CAJS Rar Ms 460 - Ashkenazi, Malkiel, -approximately 1620 - Tavnit ha-mishkan : Ḥanukat ha-bayit
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: CAJS Rar Ms 460 - Ashkenazi, Malkiel, -approximately 1620 - Tavnit ha-mishkan : Ḥanukat ha-bayit
Ashkenazi, Malkiel, -approximately 1620.
Tavnit ha-mishkan [manuscript] : Ḥanukat ha-bayit.
[Mantua], [between 1612 and 1620?]
Physical description:
2 volumes (27, 53 leaves) : paper ; Volume 1, 270 x 185 (205 x 95) mm bound to 280 x 195 mm; Volume 2, 270 x 180 (205 x 95) mm bound to 285 x 200 mm.
A work in 2 volumes: the first is on the building of the Tabernacle in the desert; the second is on the Temple in Jerusalem and its holy vessels. The first volume has some marginal notes; the second volume has abundant marginal notes.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Volume 1: Paper, i (modern paper) + 27 + i (modern paper), 1²⁴(+3); Volume 2: Paper, i (modern paper) + 53 + i (modern paper), 1²⁰ 2³⁰(+3).
Layout: Written in 23-27 long lines; leaves folded vertically into quarters to define the outer and inner margins.
Script: Written in Italian cursive Hebrew script (Kestenbaum).
Decoration: Volume 1: 6 small diagrams in the margins and text (f. 8r, 8v, 17r, 19v, 23v, 26r), large drawing of candelabra (f. 26v); Volume 2: approximately 30 small drawings and diagrams throughout in the margins and text.
Binding: Contemporary (17th-century) calf.
Origin: Written in Mantua, probably between 1612 (date of another work referenced in the text) and 1620 (end date of activity of the author).
Contained in:
Rare Judaica Acquisitions Fund.
Manuscript location:
Library at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies University of Pennsylvania CAJS Rar Ms 460
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