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Ms. Codex 197 - [Contemplations of the dread and love of God] ... [etc.]
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 197 - [Contemplations of the dread and love of God] ... [etc.]    Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 197 - [Contemplations of the dread and love of God] ... [etc.]
Contemplations of the dread and love of God.
[Contemplations of the dread and love of God] ... [etc.]
[England], [circa 1400]
Physical description:
149 leaves : parchment, col. ill. ; 119 x 78 (68 x 42) mm. bound to 126 x 77 mm.
Manuscript copy of the text, Contemplations of the dread and love of God, sometimes erroneously attributed to Richard Rolle. This text covers f. 1-131 of the manuscript; it begins in the middle of the early section, What ys charite; how and whi thou schalt love God, and lacks the final leaf where this text ends and the next begins. Followed by additional prayers, poems, and homilies. These include prayers to Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, St. John the Baptist, St. Katherine and others. Also includes texts on virtues and on the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger (J.E. Krochalis). Spine title illegible.
Collation: 1-16⁸, 17⁸ (lacks one leaf of center bifolium), 18⁸ (lacks outer bifolium), 19⁸ (leaf 5 of quire torn, stub visible; not included in modern foliation). It appears that as many as three quires are missing from the front of the manuscript. (This collation taken from a description by Jim Stokes, written in August 1979; a copy is on file in the Library.).
Foliation: Parchment, i (modern paper) + 148 + i (modern paper), [1-148]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto; unnumbered fragmentary leaf between f. 146-147.
Layout: Written in 15 long lines; frame-ruled in ink.
Script: Written in two different Anglicana book hands. Folios 1-145v are written in a single hand; a second, later scribe copied the remaining folios.
Decoration: Some catchwords ornamented with illustrated figures. Headings in red. Paragraph marks and initial capitals in blue, capitals on pen-work grounds of red.
Binding: Modern leather binding (CCAHA, 2015); formerly in an 18th-century leather binding with broken spine and hinges (remnants shelved with manuscript).
Origin: Written in England, ca. 1400.
Much descriptive information taken from a 1977 Library Chronicle article by J. E. Krochalis (one copy is on file in the Library, another is shelved with the manuscript). According to Krochalis, the title "Contemplations of the dread and love of God" was given to the work by Wynkyn de Worde when he printed it in 1506.
According to J. E. Krochalis, one of the short poems (f. 135r-v; inc.: I þe honor w[i]t[h] al my mygt ... ) has been published in modern anthologies.
Imperfect. Possibly up to three quires lacking at the beginning; also one leaf each between f. 131-132; 135-136; 141-142; and 146-147 (the last survives partially as a torn fragment).
Book block in generally good condition. Stains; first and last leaves soiled. Ink on some folios has worn off to the point of illegibility, especially on earlier folios.
Description of the manuscript by Jim Stokes, dated 18 August 1979, is on file in the Library. This is the source of the collation and some other details. A copy is shelved with the manuscript.
Also shelved with the manuscript are the following: a xerox copy of the first eleven leaves, to augment the microfilm (since this portion of the manuscript is faded; and a xerox copy of signatures of the poet Thomas Moore, from Houghton Library, Harvard.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 197
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 197
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