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Ms. Codex 111 - [Alchemical miscellany]
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07555ctm a2200733Ia 4500
940921q15821630pau 000 0 eng d
__|a  (OCoLC)ocn155962438
__|a  (OCoLC)155962438
__|a  (CStRLIN)PAUR94-A171
__|a  (PU)1580457-penndb-Voyager
__|a  PU |e  amremm |c  PAULM |d  PAULM
1_|a  eng |h  lat
__|a  PAUM
__|a  ocn122591894
_9|a  Ms. Codex 111
00|a  [Alchemical miscellany] |h  [manuscript].
__|a  [England, |c  between 1582 and 1630]
__|a  96 leaves : |b  paper ; |c  346 x 223 mm. bound to 351 x 226 mm.
__|a  Ms. codex.
__|a  Title supplied by cataloger (Zacour-Hirsch).
__|a  Collation: Paper, 96; 1¹⁰, 2¹⁴, 3¹⁰, 4¹⁶, 5¹⁰, 6¹⁴, 7¹⁰, 8¹⁰(+2); [i], 1-10, [11-95]; contemporary foliation in ink, upper right recto; modern foliation in pencil, upper and lower right recto. Catchwords in lower right, each recto, of texts 4 and 6.
__|a  Script: Written in a cursive script, erroneously identified as the hand of Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland (see note on f. [i]), more likely the hand of the first owner, H. Bayle (see R. Newhauser's article, p. 123).
__|a  Watermarks: See The New Briquet, v. 1, p. 72, no. 8081 (Nicholas le Bé of Tryes, ca. 1582).
__|a  Binding: Contemporary limp vellum with monogram HB on upper cover and title Alchemy on spine; binding loose; vellum cover split and cracked at spine; cover completely detached from front hinge and spine, coming loose from back hinge. Several quires loose; f. 48-49 completely detached..
__|a  Origin: Written in England, after 1582 (f. 43r) and before 1630 (Newhauser, p. 122-123).
__|a  Forms part of: Edgar F. Smith Memorial Collection.
0_|a  1. f.1r-10r: [The marrow of alchemy] / George Ripley. -- 2. f.10v-12v: [George Ripley unto King Edward IV] / George Ripley. -- 3. f.13r-30v: Twelve gates / George Ripley. -- 4. f.31r-32v: [Note of our fires without the knowledge wherof our mastery is not performed] / George Ripley. -- 5. f.33r-34v: [Recipes / George Ripley] -- 6. f.35r-36v: A Partiall abridgemente of all the writinge of George Ripley. -- 7. f.36v-40v: An accurtation / of Raymonde [Llull] -- 8. f.40v-41r: Another speciall worke of the basiliske. -- 9. f.41v-42r: [Accurtation with "A very stronge vyneger" and "A worke in the mynerall stone" / Ramón Llull] -- 10. f.42v: [Sayings / Guido de Montanor] -- 11. f.42v-43r: The dreame / of Sir George Ripley (1582) -- 12. f.43r-44v: A Secrete [with The visyon, Recapitulatio] / [George Ripley] -- 13. f.44v-47r: The testamente / of Geber the philosopher. -- 14. f.47r-51r: The Mirrour of Alkemy. -- 15. f.51v-52r: [Poems / Pearce, the Black Monk] -- 16. f.52r-53v: The Calander of Principells. -- 17. f.54r-57r: Liber multipherie. -- 18. f.57r-58r: Concordance betwene Raymonde [Lull] and Guydo [de Montanor] / George Ripley. -- 19. f.58v-59r: The lawes of philosophers. -- 20. f.59v-61r: Dialogue [Tractatus duo chemici?] / Sir Hollande. -- 21. f.61v: A generall rule for all men that intendeth to be philosophers. -- 22. f.62r-62v: The moste shorteste & the most lighteste way & the least [?] that can be done in this arte or science [with Another manner & way to make the culxes of Sol and comon m[?]nry fixed both togethers] -- 23. f.63r-70r: The psalter of Philosophers. -- 24. f.70r-74r: Accurtation / Raymonde [Llull]. -- 25. f.74r-75v: The practice of the Philosophers / [Ramón Llull?] -- 26. f.76r-77v: [Upon the elixir / Pearce, the Black Monk] -- 27. f.77v: The philosophers stone. -- 28. f.78r-78v: A treatis of the vertus of rosemary / Arnaldus de Villanova. -- 29. f.79r-80v: Notabell lessons chosen or picked owte of the work of Guydo [de Montanor] / [George Ripley] -- 30. f.80v: [Poem "Owte of the darknes I will leade you"] -- 31. f.81r-83v: Epistula ad papa[m] / [Arnaldus de Villanova]. -- 32. f.84r: Stella complexionis is the father of truthe / Constantinus Africanus. -- 34. f.84v-91v: [Answers to questions posed by the Archbishop of Rheims / William de Cenes (Comes? Genes?)] -- 35. f.94r-95r: Alegory contaynynge perfectly the moste profounde secrettes of the philosophers stone [Merlini Allegoria].
4_|a  Described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965), |c  pp. 231-232 (Ms. E. F. Smith 4).
__|a  Collection of 34 alchemical treatises, verses and recipes. More than a quarter of them are by George Ripley; other authors represented are Ramón Llull, Guido de Montanor, Geber, Pearce the Black Monk, Johan Isaäc Hollandus, Arnaldus de Villanova, and Constantine the African.
__|a  UPenn Ms. Codex 111
__|a  Also available in microfilm (Microfilm 170), Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania.
__|a  English, with many works translated from Latin and retaining Latin titles.
1_|a  First owned by H. Bayle (monogram on upper cover, effaced name on f. 58 r; see Newhauser, p. 123).
1_|a  Formerly held in the library at Petworth House, Sussex (shelf number 97 on spine, as described by Alfred John Horwood in Sixth Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Part I (London, 1877); Appendix to the Sixth Report, p. 309), then owned by Henry Wyndham, Lord Leconfield; while in this library earlier possible owners include Henry Percy, ninth Earl of Northumberland; Algernon Percy, tenth Earl of Northumberland; and Charles Seymour, sixth Duke of Somerset (Newhauser, p. 122-123).
1_|a  Sold by Bernard Quaritch Ltd. (London), 1946.
__|a  Newhauser, R. "The 'Merlini Allegoria' in English." English Literary Renaissance 10, 1, (1980), pp. 120-132. Edition of the last work in this codex, edited using this manuscript. A copy of this article is on file in the library.
_0|a  Alchemy |v  Early works to 1800.
_0|a  Chemistry |x  History.
_7|a  Codices. |2  aat
_7|a  Poems. |2  aat
_7|a  Recipes. |2  aat
_7|a  Treatises. |2  aat
_0|a  Manuscripts, English |y  16th century.
_0|a  Manuscripts, English |y  17th century.
_0|a  Manuscripts, Renaissance.
_0|a  Manuscripts, European.
12|a  Ripley, George, |d  d. 1490?
12|a  Llull, Ramon, |d  1232?-1316.
12|a  Montanor, Guido de, |d  fl. 1400.
12|a  Geber, |d  13th cent.
12|a  Hollandus, Johan Isaäc, |d  15th cent.
12|a  Arnaldus, |c  de Villanova, |d  d. 1311.
02|a  Constantine, |c  the African, |d  ca. 1020-1087.
1_|a  Bayle, H., |e  former owner.
1_|a  Northumberland, Henry Percy, |c  Earl of, |d  1564-1632, |e  former owner.
1_|a  Northumberland, Algernon Percy, |c  Earl of, |d  1602-1668, |e  former owner.
1_|a  Somerset, Charles Seymour, |c  Duke of, |d  1662-1748, |e  former owner.
1_|a  Leconfield, Henry Wyndham, |c  Baron, |d  1830-1901, |e  former owner.
__|b  Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts |a  University of Pennsylvania |e  3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206. |j  Ms. Codex 111
__|a  C0 |b  PAULM
__|a  DLA |b  20101029

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Collection: Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: No
Illustrated: No
Notated: No
Language: English
Century: 16th century
Century: 17th century
Date: 1582
Genre: Codices
Genre: Manuscripts, English - 16th century
Genre: Manuscripts, English - 17th century
Genre: Manuscripts, European
Genre: Manuscripts, Renaissance
Subject: Alchemy
Subject: Chemistry
Subject: History
Related names: Arnaldus, de Villanova, d. 1311
Related names: Bayle, H., former owner
Related names: Constantine, the African, ca. 1020-1087
Related names: Geber, 13th cent
Related names: Hollandus, Johan Isaäc, 15th cent
Page material: Paper