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Ms. Codex 1056 - Catholic Church - [Book of hours : use of Rouen]
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Catholic Church.
[Book of hours [manuscript] : use of Rouen].
[Rouen, France, ca. 1475]
Physical description:
122 leaves : parchment, ill. ; 184 x 120 (98 x 61) mm. bound to 192 x 138 mm.
Latin, with calendar and accessory texts in French.
Book of hours produced in Rouen and illuminated for a local woman, including calendar, Office of the Virgin, Seven Penitential Psalms, Litany, Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Holy Spirit, Office of the Dead, and two accessory texts.
1. ff.1r-12v: Calendar.
2. f.13: Ruled blank with inscription and prayer added in a 16th-century cursive hand.
3. ff.14r-18v: Gospel lessons.
4. ff.18v-21r: Obsecro te.
5. ff.21r-24r: O intemerata.
6. ff.25r-66r: Office of the Virgin, use of Rouen.
7. ff.67r-82v: Seven Penitential Psalms and Litany.
8. ff.83r-85v: Hours of the Cross.
9. ff.86r-88v: Hours of the Holy Spirit.
10. ff.89r-113v: Office of the Dead, use of Rouen.
11. ff.114r-117v: Fifteen Joys of the Virgin (Doulce Dame).
12. ff.118r-120v: Seven Requests to Our Lord (Doulx Dieu).
Madame Lespect (Rouen, 16th century, inscription, f. 13); Jacques-Annibal Claret de La Tourette (Lyons, 1692-1776, engraved armorial bookplate dated 1719 inside upper cover); Daniel-Marie, duc de Montfort (inscription, f. i); Dionysiĭ Vasilevich (modern inscription, f. i).
Sold by Sam Fogg Ltd. (London), 2007.
Related names:
Claret de La Tourrette, Jacques-Annibal, 1692-1776, former owner.
Vasilevich, Dionysiĭ, former owner.
Catholic Church - Prayers and devotions - Latin.
Catholic Church - Prayers and devotions - French.
Illumination of books and manuscripts - Specimens.
Form / Genre:
Books of hours.
Devotional calendars.
Illuminated manuscripts.
Manuscripts, Latin - 15th century.
Manuscripts, French - 15th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Parchment, fol. i (parchment) + 120 + i (parchment); 1¹² 2⁹ (+ 1, f. 13, before 1) 3³ 4-8⁸ 9² 10-15⁸ 16⁶.
Layout: Written in 16 long lines; frame-ruled in red ink; prickings in outer margin of some leaves.
Script: Written in a Gothic bookhand (textualis quadrata).
Decoration: 15 arched miniatures above three lines of text with three-line initials, with full borders (evangelists, f. 14r; Annunciation, with roundels of Adam and Eve with the serpent, the meeting of Mary's parents at the Golden Gate, and the marriage of Mary and Joseph, f. 25r; Visitation, f. 34r; Nativity, with roundels of shepherds with musical instruments and the Tiburtine Sibyl showing a vision of the Virgin and Child to Augustus, f. 45r; angel and shepherds, f. 49v; Magi, f. 52v; presentation in the Temple, f. 55r; flight into Egypt, f. 57v; coronation of the Virgin, f. 62v; King David and the prophet Nathan, with roundels of David and Goliath and the Last Judgment, f. 67r; Crucifixion, f. 83r; Pentecost, f. 86r; Three Living and Three Dead, with roundels of the Harrowing of Hell and a burial, f. 89r; Mary holding the crucified Christ and witnessed by John the Evangelist, women mourners mentioned in the Gospels, and a 15th-century woman representing the manuscript's owner, with a roundel of the Trinity, f. 114r; and the Trinity, f. 118r). 24 calendar miniatures in side borders alternating between labors and Bible stories (Janus feasting, f. 1r; baptism of Christ, f. 1v; man by a fireplace, f. 2r; Jonah and the whale, f. 2v; pruning vines, f. 3r; Abraham and Isaac, f. 3v; man and woman in garden, f. 4r; Noah's ark, f. 4v; man and woman on horseback, f. 5r; creation of Eve, f. 5v; haymaking, f. 6r; Job, f. 6v; reaping, f. 7r; Daniel and lions, f. 7v; threshing, f. 8r; Assumption of the Virgin, f. 8v; treading grapes, f. 9r; money changers, f. 9v; sowing, f. 10r; Pharoah and army in Red Sea, f. 10v; feeding pigs, f. 11r; St. Catherine, f. 11v; slaughtering a pig, f. 12r; baking, f. 12v). Full-page foliate and floral borders with four-line initials on burnished gold grounds for the first pages of Obsecro te and O intemerata (ff. 18v, 21). Side borders of acanthus and flower sprays, some on divided grounds of liquid gold, on all text pages. Calendar alternates between red and blue, with red-letter days in gold, typical of a Rouen calendar. Rubrics in red, text capitals touched yellow. One-line initials in gold on grounds of blue or pink patterned with white; similar line endings; two- and three-line initials blue patterned with white on burnished gold with foliate infills of orange, blue, and white.
Binding: 16th century, early; brown calf over wooden boards, blind-stamped with a panel of St. Barbara on the upper cover between the inscription Sancta Barbara/ora pro nobis and a panel of John the Baptist on the lower cover between the inscription Ung dieu sancte Johannes ung roy une foy/ora pro nobis une loy; attachments for two clasps; joints restored (Fogg).
Origin: Written and illuminated in Rouen, ca. 1475.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1056
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1056

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Collection: Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: Yes
Illustrated: Yes
Notated: No
Language: Latin
Century: 15th century
Date: 1475
Genre: Books of hours
Genre: Codices
Genre: Devotional calendars
Genre: Illuminated manuscripts
Genre: Manuscripts, French - 15th century
Subject: Catholic Church
Subject: French
Subject: Illumination of books and manuscripts
Subject: Latin
Author: Catholic Church
Related names: Claret de La Tourrette, Jacques-Annibal, 1692-1776, former owner
Related names: Vasilevich, Dionysiĭ, former owner
Page material: Parchment