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Ms. Codex 1274 - [Ledger of Medici debtors and creditors]
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[Ledger of Medici debtors and creditors] [manuscript].
[Italy, ca. 1534]
Physical description:
240 leaves : paper ; 333 x 234 mm. bound to 348 x 238 mm.
A ledger of debtors and creditors of Carlo de' Medici for the years 1533-1534. Often includes the nature of a given credit or debt and its amount, as well as listing the names of the individuals or the institutions that hold the debt or credit, the most important being the Capitani di parte guelfa (p. 78), a Florentine magistracy.
Sold by Bernard M. Rosenthal, 1961.
Medici, Carlo de'.
Accounting - Italy - 16th century
Form / Genre:
Credit records.
Ledgers (account books)
Manuscripts, Italian - 16th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Pagination: Paper, i (parchment) + 240 leaves + i (parchment); versos numbered 1-75, [76], 77-120, [121-240], contemporary pagination in ink, modern pagination in pencil, upper left verso; rectos numbered [i], i-xvii, [xviii-xxii], xxiii, [xxiiii-xxv], xxvi-xxvii, [xxviii-xxxvi], xxxvii, [xxxviii], xxxviiii, [xxxx-xxxxi], xxxxii-xxxxv, [xxxxvi-xxxxviiii], l-li, [lii], liii, [liiii-lxviii], lxviiii-lxxi, [lxxii-lxxiii], lxxiiii-lxv, [lxxvi], lxxvii-lxxxi, [lxxxii], lxxxiii, [lxxxiiii], lxxxv, [lxxxvi-lxxxx], lxxxxi-lxxxxiiii, [lxxxxv], lxxxxvi, [lxxxxvii-lxxxxviiii], c-cii, [ciii-cviii], cviiii, [cx], cxi, [cxii-cxv], cxvi, [cxvii-cxviii], cxviiii-cxx, [cxxi-ccxxxviiii], contemporary pagination in ink, modern pagination in pencil, upper right recto (leaves after p. 120 are blank but ruled). Each opening has a matched arabic numeral on the left and a roman numeral on the right.
Layout: Written in 2 columns with vertical bounding lines in lead; the large column on the left with the debtor or creditor and a brief description of the credit or debt, and the smaller one on the right with the amount of the debt or credit in arabic numerals. Usually credits are listed on the left page and debts are listed on the right page of an opening, with the same individuals or institutions, appearing as debtors or creditors on facing pages in some cases.
Script: Written in a cursive script, perhaps by multiple hands.
Watermark: Similar to Briquet, Echelle, 5926 (Florence, 1524-32).
Binding: Contemporary vellum, no. 27 on spine; the heading Q[uadern]o di chassa primo; no. 295 on upper cover; lower cover wraps around upper cover with leather strap, metal buckle on upper cover; decorative leatherwork on spine.
Origin: Written in Italy, ca. 1534 (latest date of entries, p. 120)
Forms part of: Gondi-Medici Business Records.
Indexed / Referenced in:
Described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965), p. 191 (Ms. Lea 214).
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1274
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1274

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Collection: Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: No
Illustrated: No
Notated: No
Language: Italian
Century: 16th century
Date: 1534
Genre: Accounts
Genre: Codices
Genre: Credit records
Genre: Ledgers (account books)
Genre: Manuscripts, Italian - 16th century
Subject: Accounting
Subject: Medici, Carlo de'
Geography: Italy
Page material: Paper