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Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2450 - Daśāharāgaṅgāstotra
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Puranas. Skandapurāṇa. Kāśīkhaṇḍa. Selections.
Daśāharāgaṅgāstotra, circa 1700-1850.
Physical description:
1 item (3 leaves) : paper ; 12 x 16 cm.
Small manuscript for private use, recitation, and prayer in praise and worship (pūjā) of the River Ganges (Gaṅgā), personified as a goddess and important pilgrimage location in Hindu tradition. Recitation of the text is intended to remove ten kinds of sin. Text from chapter 27 of the Kāśīkhaṇḍa. Manuscript bears burn marks and obvious traces of use in worship (pūjā).
Title from colophon (f. 3v).
Written in 9-10 lines per leaf.
3 leaves foliated 1-3, upper left and lower right verso.
Colophon: iti śrīkāśīkhaṃḍe 27 adhyāye daśāharāgaṃgāstotraṃ saṃpūrṇaṃ (f. 3v).
Mistakes blacked out; some corrections and additions in margins; vertical margins marked with double red line.
Non-Latin script record.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2450
Contained in:
Collection of Indic Manuscripts. Item 2450
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Coll. 390
Vernacular script:
दशाहरागङ्गास्तोत्र, १७००-१८५०.

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Collection: Indic Manuscripts
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: No
Illustrated: No
Notated: No
Language: Sanskrit
Century: 18th century
Century: 19th century
Date: 1700
Genre: Hymns (documents)
Genre: Manuscripts - India - 18th century
Genre: Manuscripts - India - 19th century
Genre: Manuscripts, Sanskrit - 18th century
Genre: Manuscripts, Sanskrit - 19th century
Subject: Forgiveness of sin
Subject: Gaṅgā (Hindu deity)
Subject: Hinduism
Subject: Pilgrims and pilgrimages
Subject: Puja (Hinduism)
Geography: Ganges River (India and Bangladesh)
Geography: India
Page material: Paper