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The archaeology of Japan : from the earliest rice farming villages to the rise of the state
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The archaeology of Japan : from the earliest rice farming villages to the rise of the state / Koji Mizoguchi
Mizoguchi, Kōji, 1963-
Series title:
Cambridge world archaeology
Part I. Frameworks. Introduction : the beginning of everything? ; A tale of co-transformation : the history of modern Japan and the archaeology of the Yayoi and Kofun periods ; Frameworks -- Part II. Trajectories. Environment and the East Asian context ; Beginnings : from the Incipient Yayoi (900/600 BC) to the Late Yayoi I periods (400/200 BC) ; An archaeology of growth : from the Final Yayoi I (400/200 BC) to the end of the Yayoi IV (AD 1/50) ; An archaeology of hierarchisation : from the final Yayoi IV to the Yayoi V periods (AD 1/50-200) ; An archaeology of networks : the Yayoi-Kofun transition (the Shonai pottery style and the earliest Furu pottery style phase, AD 200-250/275) ; An archaeology of monuments : the Early Kofun (AD 275-400) and Middle Kofun periods (AD 400-500) ; An archaeology of bureaucracy : the Later Kofun period (AD 500-600) ; An archaeology of governance : the establishment of the Ten'no emperor (AD 600-700) ; Conclusion.
"This is the first book-length study of the Yayoi and Kofun periods of Japan (c. 600 BC - 700 AD), in which the introduction of rice paddy-field farming from the Korean peninsula ignited the rapid development of social complexity and hierarchy that culminated with the formation of the ancient Japanese state. The author traces the historical trajectory of the Yayoi and Kofun periods by employing cutting-edge sociological, anthropological, and archaeological theories and methods. The book reveals a fascinating process through which sophisticated hunting-gathering communities in an archipelago on the eastern fringe of the Eurasian continent were transformed materially and symbolically into a state"--
xix, 371 pages ; 29 cm
Subject headings:
Yayoi culture Japan
Neolithic period Japan
Japan Antiquities
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Van Pelt Library
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Format: Books - print
Publication date: 2013
Language: English
Library: Van Pelt Library
Specific location: Van Pelt Library
Classification: G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Narrow Classification: GN - Anthropology
Subject: Full: Japan - Antiquities
Subject: Full: Neolithic period - Japan
Subject: Full: Yayoi culture - Japan
Subject: Brief: Japan
Subject: Brief: Neolithic period
Subject: Brief: Yayoi culture
Subject: Keyword: Culture
Subject: Keyword: Japan
Subject: Keyword: Neolithic
Subject: Keyword: Period
Subject: Keyword: Yayoi
Author: Mizoguchi, Kōji, 1963-
Title: The archaeology of Japan : from the earliest rice farming villages to the rise of the state
Region: Japan
Community of interest: Anthropology and Archaeology