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American Japanese children's games talking and coloring book
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American Japanese children's games talking and coloring book / illustrated by M. Kuwata
Alternate title:
Children's games talking and coloring book
Tokyo, Japan : Charles E. Tuttle Co., [1967]
Language Note:
English and Japanese;
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations ; 30 cm
Subject headings:
Coloring books Juvenile literature
Coloring books Specimens
Amusements Japan
Amusements United States
Games Japan
Games United States
PRO Luber, Gilbert, -1999 (bookplate) (former owner)
PRO Luber, Shirley (bookplate) (former owner)
PRO Shofuso Japanese House and Garden (donor)
Books - print
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Format: Books - all
Format: Books - print
Publication date: 1960s
Language: Japanese
Library: LIBRA
Specific location: LIBRA
Classification: N - Fine Arts
Narrow Classification: NC - Drawing. Design. Illustration
Subject: Full: Amusements - Japan
Subject: Full: Amusements - United States
Subject: Full: Coloring books - Juvenile literature
Subject: Full: Coloring books - Specimens
Subject: Full: Games - Japan
Subject: Full: Games - United States
Subject: Brief: Amusements
Subject: Brief: Coloring books
Subject: Brief: Games
Subject: Keyword: Amusements
Subject: Keyword: Books
Subject: Keyword: Coloring
Subject: Keyword: Games
Title: American Japanese children's games talking and coloring book
Region: Japan
Region: United States
Genre: Juvenile literature
Genre: Specimens
Community of interest: History of Art
Community of interest: Studio Art