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"53 days" : a novel
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"53 days" : a novel / by Georges Perec ; edited by Harry Mathews & Jacques Roubaud ; translated from the French by David Bellos
Alternate title:
Fifty-three days
Perec, Georges, 1936-1982
Uniform Title:
53 jours. English
Series title:
Verba Mundi
1st American ed.
Boston : David R. Godine, 2000
258 p. : ill. ; 22 cm
Subject headings:
France Colonies Fiction
CHR 2000
PRO Gotham Book Mart (former owner) (Gotham Book Mart Collection copy)
Books - print
Specific location:
LIBRA Special
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Format: Books - all
Format: Books - print
Publication date: 2000
Language: English
Library: LIBRA
Specific location: LIBRA Special
Classification: P - Literature & Languages
Narrow Classification: PQ - French literature - Italian literature - Spanish literature - Portuguese
Subject: Full: France - Colonies - Fiction
Subject: Brief: France
Subject: Keyword: France
Author: Perec, Georges, 1936-1982
Title: "53 days" : a novel
Genre: Fiction
Community of interest: French Studies