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Credits and Acknowledgements

Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing

  Director: Julie Fairman

  Project Director: Jean C. Whelan

  Project Coordinator: Tiffany Hope Collier

  • Curator: Gail Farr
  • Editor: Tiffany Collier
  • Library Consultant: Sherry Morgan
  • Cataloger Coordinator: Luba Polyak
  • Catalogers:
    • Gavra Bang
    • Joanne Mantilla
    • Jose Romero
    • Heather Urkuski
    • Kailun Wang
  • Photo Image Consultant: Bethany Myers
  • Scanning Coordinator: Luba Polyak
  • Scanning Technicians:
    • Gavra Bang
    • Joanne Mantilla
    • Jose Romero
    • Elisa Stroh
    • Kailun Wang
  • Advisor: Joan E. Lynaugh

Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

  Director: David McKnight

  • Scanning Supervisor: Chris Lippa
  • Research, Training and Quality Management: Jon Shaw
  • Web Designer: Dennis Mullen

University of Pennsylvania Libraries DLA Image Team

  Heather Glaser, Jon Shaw, Katia Streck, Peter Cline, Leslie Vallhonrat, Dennis Mullen

This project received generous funding from the following:
  • Alice Fisher Society Fellowship for Historical Research in Nursing, Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing
  • Baer Photoarchiving Fund
  • Solomon and Sylvia Bronstein Foundation