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The Little Corporal


This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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University of Pennsylvania: Rare Book & Manuscript Library Print Collections
Miller, Emily Huntington, 1833-1913
Miller, John E.
Sewell, Alfred L.
The Little Corporal
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The Little Corporal, published monthly from July 1865 to June 1875, was one of the first nationally popular American children?s magazines. The library holds issues of  The Little Corporal dating from November 1870 to January 1874.
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The Little Corporal, published monthly from July 1865 to June 1875, was one of the first nationally popular American children?s magazines. The  Corporal got its start when Alfred L. Sewell, a Chicago publisher, was asked to raise money for the Northwestern Sanitary Fair. The event was organized by the U.S. Sanitary Commission and the proceeds were dedicated to healthcare and relief efforts for Union Troops. As Sewell explains in the December 1866 issue of the magazine, he did his part for the war effort by printing ?album pictures? of Old Abe, the eagle mascot of Company C, Eighth Wisconsin, who flew with the company through 37 battles and skirmishes. He then formed ?The Army of the American Eagle,? offering enlistment to boys and girls who sold copies of the picture and promotion in ranking the more copies sold. According to his article, Sewell donated $16,308.93 to the Fair. Afterward, as he wrote in the July 1865 issue, he founded  The Little Corporal: ?Your precious letters, your sweet heart-words, and your earnest patriotism, seemed to breathe into my spirit a new life, and I said, 'O that I had some medium through which I might talk to my gallant children's army.' Then the good thought spoke to me again, and said, 'Here is The Little Corporal, send him as your aid-de-camp. Tell him what to say, and let him take besides a bundle of good things to refresh and amuse your little soldiers by the way.'?

Building on Sewell?s military theme, The Little Corporal?s cover featured a young man in a Zouave?s uniform and Old Abe the eagle. Its purpose as stated on the cover of each issue was ?Fighting against Wrong, and for the Good, the True and the Beautiful,? and it billed itself as ?An Original Magazine for Boys and Girls and for Older People who Have Young Hearts.? Each issue contained fictional stories, poems, educational articles on scientific or historical topics, tidbits of wisdom for young readers in the form of short stories and essays, letters from readers, and occasionally songs.

Sewell published and edited the Corporal alone until May 1866, when Edward Eggleston, already a contributor to the magazine, became his partner. Eggleston produced a large portion of the magazine?s content, hiding his monopoly with pseudonyms like ?Private Queer.? Eggleston left the Corporal in December 1867 to pursue other work, as Sewell paid him little. In July 1867, Sewell hired Emily Huntington Miller as an associate editor, and in 1870 her husband John E. Miller left his teaching career to help Sewell publish the magazine. In the February 1871 issue, Sewell placed an editorial explaining that he was leaving the magazine to ?enter another business, in which a smaller money capital is required,? but he felt that there was ?no man or woman living [besides Emily Huntington Miller] into whose hands I could give it up with less sorrow, because I can feel so sure that under her care it cannot but continue its upward and onward course.? The June 1871 issue was the last to bears his name. The Millers continued to print the magazine monthly until June 1875.

According to R. Gordon Kelly, Emily Huntington Miller used less military terminology and printed fewer adventure stories and non-fiction articles than her partner had, focusing instead on ?domestic fiction:? stories ?portraying family life and conventional moral values? (Children's Periodicals 281). After she became an editor, Miller, like Eggleston before her, provided much of the magazine?s content. She contributed serialized stories, poems, and moralizing tales, some published under her own name, some published under pseudonyms like Olive Thorne. Beyond her own work, she relied on a small group of regular contributors to fill the pages of the Corporal: some of these were popular children?s authors of the day such as Mary A. Denison, Sarah Woolsey (contributing to the Corporal under the pseudonym Susan Coolidge) and Harry Castlemon; other contributors included Lucia Chase Bell, Ellis Gray, Josephine Pollard, and Mary E.C. Wyeth.

In 1875, The Little Corporal was absorbed by the newer children?s magazine  St. Nicholas, which swallowed up several other similar publications in the same year. According to Herbert E. Fleming, historian of publishing in Chicago,  The Little Corporal?s downfall was economic: the magazine was published at a low price to make it accessible to children, but national advertising was not yet common and Sewell and Miller could only sell local advertisements for low prices. The  Corporal also faced ever-increasing competition from a growing list of national children?s magazines. Eventually, every copy of  The Little Corporal was printed at a loss and the Millers were forced to sell. Emily Huntington Miller wrote in the June 1875 issue of  St. Nicholas, ?After ten years of faithful service, the 'Corporal' has been put upon the retired list. We have had a long, brave march together, and it is hard parting company. You will miss your leader, and we shall miss the words of courage and devotion that came from the gallant army, East and West, North and South. But remember, none of you are mustered out of service. Your new leader, St. Nicholas, enrolls his soldiers by the same pledge under which you first enlisted??For the Good, the True, and the Beautiful??and the 'Corporal' feels safe and satisfied in leave you to his guidance.?

Scope and Contents

The library holds issues of The Little Corporal dating from November 1870 to January 1874. Volumes of the magazine contain six monthly issues (January-June and July-December). The library?s collection is continuous between these dates, except that it inexplicably lacks the January and March 1873 issues. No November 1871 issue was printed as the  Corporal?s offices were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of October, 1871.

The issues from 1870 to June 1871 are printed by Alfred L. Sewell and John E. Miller and edited by Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller. Beginning in July 1871 the issues are printed by John E. Miller alone with Emily Huntington Miller as sole editor (see historical notes above). All issues held by the library are examples of the second format of The Little Corporal: Emily Huntington Miller was instrumental in the conversion of the magazine from octavo to quarto with larger print and more illustrations in 1869.

Each issue contains stories, poems, non-fiction articles, and an editorial section at the back. Behind the editorial in each issue is a section for letters to the editor called ?Prudy?s Pocket:? readers write to ?Prudy? to introduce themselves or share a story and ask her to put their letters in her ?pocket? for safekeeping. Following ?Prudy?s Pocket? is ?Private Queer?s Knapsack,? a page of games and puzzles. Included in ?Private Queer?s Knapsack? each month is the ?Picture Story,? a series of illustrations without a printed story line so readers can create their own. Prudy is a persona created by Emily Huntington Miller and illustrated as a young woman at a writing desk; in addition to presiding over readers? letters to the magazine, she is named as the author of moralizing stories that appear in the Corporal, such as ?How Tommy Went to the Circus? (XII-1, p.14-16). Private Queer was originally a penname of editor Edward Eggleston, though the feature continued after he left the magazine. It was renamed ?Work and Play, Conducted by Private Queer? in the May 1872 issue after The Little Corporal absorbed a small children?s magazine called  Work and Play.  The Little Corporal often ran serialized stories for one volume or for a whole year, especially after Emily Huntington Miller assumed the editorship. Miller herself was the author of many of these stories, such as ?Summer Days at Kirkwood? (July 1871-May 1872) and ?Uncle Dick?s Legacy? (November 1872-July 1873).  The Little Corporal also held a story competition in 1871 with a prize of $500: Helen C. Weeks won the competition with her story ?Dora,? which appeared in monthly installments throughout 1872.

Most of the poems in the magazine are less than a page long. Common themes include: Christian imagery or a Christian moral, e.g. ?Eva?s Prayer? by Mary B.C. Slade (February 1871) or ?Anor?s Prayer? by Ellen Porter Champion (August 1871); themes from childhood, e.g. ?Baby Courtship? by E.T.R. Going or ?When You Were a Little Girl? by A.H. Poe; and the seasons, e.g. ?April Showers? by L.M. Blinn (April 1873) or ?When it is Summer? by Edgar Fawcett (July 1872). Poetic features include a poem for each month of 1871 by Laura D. Nichols and poems for the Christmas holidays every December.

Non-fiction articles take many forms. Some are written as letters from far-away lands, such as ?My Ride with the Prince? by ?Uncle Bill? (January 1871) or ?Nelly Thurlow?s Letter from Switzerland? (August-September 1872). Some are essays intended to teach children how to behave morally, such as ?Quick Temper? by Patience Waite (December 1870). Others are stories about true events intended to amuse and instruct, such as ?A Ride on a Cow-Catcher? by Mrs. Mattie L. Holden (December 1870). Many of the non-fiction articles are essays on the natural world written in a light didactic style. Birds are a special favorite topic of these essays: Mrs. Parizade V. Hathaway contributes a column called ?Birds and Their Ways,? which appears in several issues from 1872, and ?H.M.M.? often writes about birds and other animals in illustrated articles with clever titles like ?The Bird with a Pickaxe? (July 1872) and ?The First Sewing Machine? (September 1872). Beyond teaching children about the natural world, the Corporal encourages children to pursue artistic interests with narratives such as ?John Flaxman, The Boy Designer? by Mary B. Willard (March 1872), essays such as ?Art and Industry,? contributed by Horace Greeley (December 1871), and instructional series such as ?Art Amusements,? eleven illustrated lessons on making wax flowers (January-December 1871). The  Corporal also instructs its readers about foreign cultures and peoples in articles such as ?The Chinese New Year? and other articles by Mrs. Fanny R. Feudge (January 1871), ?Ning Chu? by Rev. J.D. Strong (April 1872), and ?Chat about the Red Man? by Mrs. Mattie L. Holden (January 1871). The authors of these cultural articles often adopt a condescending tone.

Of particular interest among scientific articles is "Aunt Silva's Lesson in Geography," by Mrs. Geo. M. Kellogg (September 1872). The article aims to teach readers that the world is round instead of flat, but the scientific teaching is packed inside a narrative, a not uncommon technique in the Corporal. Aunt Silva is the black nanny of a young white girl, who learns on her first day of school that the world is not flat. She rushes home to tell Aunt Silva and the two begin a vehement argument, with Aunt Silva taking the position that the world is as flat as a griddle cake. Aunt Silva's speech is written in exaggerated dialect. At the end of the story, Aunt Silva agrees that her charge is right and the two make up, but her final line reads, "Dat's what comes uv ignunt niggers talkin' 'bout white folks' consarns."

Many of the features of The Little Corporal are illustrated, including the front cover. A few stories and poems in each issue are illustrated, and many of the non-fiction articles describing wildlife are accompanied by illustrations as well. Each issue also bears an illustrated frontispiece. Often the frontispiece illustrates a story or poem in the issue, in which case the text of that feature refers the reader to the frontispiece, e.g. ?The Rivals? by Gerald North (February 1872). In a few issues, the frontispiece stands alone; frontispieces unrelated to articles grow more common in later issues (e.g. Vol. XVII). In the August 1871 issue Emily Huntington Miller includes an editorial entitled ?Engravings on Wood? explaining how engravings are made for the magazine.

The editors of the Corporal give additional wisdom to children in the editorial section of the magazine. Editorials written by Sewell and Miller together contain both information about the magazine (prices, notes to contributors, etc) and little stories or discussions of moral topics. Editorials written by Miller alone tend toward scientific and moral teaching, e.g. ?Compositions.--Didn't-Think.--A Pretty Experiment.--More About Birds? (May 1873). Miller changed the format of her editorials in December 1873, renaming the section ?Eyes and Ears? after publishing several issues without editorials in late 1873. In December 1873, for example, ?Eyes and Ears? contains nine short paragraphs on topics ranging from birds eaten as delicacies in Italy to how salt is produced.

Each issue of The Little Corporal has advertisements on the inside of the front cover and on both sides of the back cover, and a few pages of advertisements in the back. The publishers advertise for publications related to  The Little Corporal in the ?Publishers? Department,? the last numbered pages of each issue. Behind that are several pages called ?The Little Corporal Advertiser,? alternating between ads for Sewell and Miller?s other publications and a wide variety of paid advertisements. For example, the ?The Little Corporal Advertiser? in the November 1870 issue also advertises for Sewell?s  The Sunday School Workman,  Pocket Scripture Atlas, and  The Little Corporal?s School Festival , in addition to seeking agents to sell ?White?s Patent Newspaper Files? for the publisher.

Many of the advertisements are for material to be used by Sunday School teachers. For example, the February 1872 issue has advertisements inside the front cover reading, ?Sunday-School Papers. Very Cheap and Splendidly Illustrated!? and ?Canvassers Wanted! ?for? The Christian at Work, Semi-Monthly; Good Words, Monthly?? both placed by H.W. Adams of New York. The February 1872 issue also illustrates nicely the variety of other ads to be found in the Corporal. The front of the ad page at the back of the issue advertises  The Little Corporal and other publications of John E. Miller. The back of the ad page has ads reading ?The Manhattan Silent Family Sewing Machine. Agents Wanted in Every County in the United States!?; ?Giles, Bro. & Co., 384 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Manufacturers and Dealers in Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Plated Ware??; ?Game of Numbers by E.D. Wright and Co., Springfield, VT?; ?Chicago Pulpit? In itself a library of Christian knowledge and instruction??; ?Kidder?s Pastilles, A sure relief for Asthma. Stowell & Co., Charlestown, Mass.?; ?Printing Presses, Havens and Co., West Meriden, Conn.?; ?Watch Free to Agents to sell Holiday Goods. Address, at once, Latta & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.?; ?Cheap Farms! Free Homes! On the Line of the Union Pacific Railroad??; ?The Ladies? College of Evanston?; ?Plant?s Farmers? and Gardeners? Almanac for 1872. Address L.G. Pratt & Co., St. Louis, Mo.? and ?From Forced Sales. Ladies? Solid Gold Hunting-Case Watches? Ladies? Frosted Watches, Ladies? Enameled Watches? F.J. Nash, 712 Broadway, New York.?

Of special interest is content related to the Great Chicago Fire of October 1871. The Little Corporal?s offices were burned, leading the Millers to discuss the fire and its effects in subsequent issues. The December 1871 issue features a frontispiece donated to the magazine by Thomas Nast: the corporal raises the a sword in one hand and an American flag in the other amid smoking rubble with the caption, ?The Little Corporal will like ?Phoenix rise from its ashes to immortality,? and continue to fight for the good, the true and the beautiful.? The editorial section of the issue tells ?More About the Fire? and advertises for a new publication by Sewell ?containing a great variety of incidents of the late fire? which was eventually titled  Scenes, Incidents and Lessons of the Great Chicago Fire. ?Prudy?s Pocket? holds letters from readers asking about the fire and sending their subscription money in advance to aid  The Little Corporal?s recovery, and the publisher?s notes from the issue proclaim that the  Corporal is ?Routed by Not Conquered? and asks children to renew in advance (191). Several issues from 1872 also handle the fire, such as ?A Picture Story of the Chicago Fire? (January 1872), the editorial ?Relics of the Fire? (March 1872), ?The Year After the Fire,? and update by J.B.T. Marsh (November 1872).

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Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Rare Book & Manuscript Library Print Collections,  6 June 2012

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Ellen Williams


The processing of this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources? ?Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives? Project.

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Collection Inventory


Volume-Issue Page

The Sphynx. By Mrs. Sarah E. Henshaw, 1870 November.

XI-5 129-132

Susie Logan's Story. By Annie Bell. Illustrated, 1870 November.

XI-5 133-134
Fighting the Enemy. Chapters V-VI. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1870 November-December.
General note

The collection only contains issues 5 and 6 of Vol. XI, hence only chapters V and VI of this story.

Chapter List
  1. Chapter V--XI-5, p.135-139
  2. Chapter VI--XI-6, p. 177-181
XI-5 135-139

"The Sands." By Alta Grant, 1870 November.

XI-5 142

Another Dog Story. By M.H.C., 1870 November.

XI-5 142-143

Lyddy's Visit. By Lucia Chase Bell. Illustrated, 1870 November.

XI-5 143-146

Miss Mitten's Story. By Julia M. Thayer, Amanuensis, 1870 November.

XI-5 146-147

The Unwilling Buffalo. By James Young, 1870 November.

XI-5 150

Anne Hansel's Christmas Eve Under the Snow. By Julia F. Snow, 1870 December.

XI-6 162-164

Fishing for Lightning. By G.H. Illustrated, 1870 December.

XI-6 165-166

The Serenade. By W.O.C, 1870 December.

XI-6 166-167

Peggy Pottle's Romance. By Julia M. Thayer, 1870 December.

XI-6 167-171

A Polite Dog. By Alta Grant, 1870 December.

XI-6 175-176

Wet Weather Work, and Fun. By Frank Church, 1870 December.

XI-6 182-183

The Parrot, Alligator, and Beaver. By James Young, 1870 December.

XI-6 183

Little Mary's Bouquet. By Annie Moore, 1870 December.

XI-6 184-185
The Hard-Fought Battle. Chapters I-VI. By Lucia Chase Bell, 1871 January-June.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XII-1, p. 1-5
  2. Chapter II--XII-2, p. 55-60
  3. Chapter III--XII-3, p. 73-78
  4. Chapter IV--XII-4, p. 109-114
  5. Chapter V--XII-5, p. 148-153
  6. Chapter VI--XII-6, p. 181-184
XII-1 1-5

Between the Bells. By Julia M. Thayer, 1871 January.

XII-1 6-8

The Meteor and the North Pole Star. By James Young, 1871 January.

XII-1 8-9

A Chip from an Old Log. By G.H. Illustrated, 1871 January.

XII-1 9-10

How Tommy Went to the Circus. By Prudy. Illustrated, 1871 January.

XII-1 14-16

Two Picture Books. By Francis E. Willard, 1871 January.

XII-1 16-19

A Merry Christmas. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 January.

XII-1 21-24

The Toy Nation. By Mrs. Julia F. Snow, 1871 February.

XII-2 37-43

The People in My Watch. By Thos. K. Beecher, 1871 February.

XII-2 43-45

Search for the Holy Grail. By Mrs. H.B.C. Gunn, 1871 February.

XII-2 49-51

Fish at Play. By E.L. Rich, 1871 February.

XII-2 52

Saint Valentine's Day. By G.H. Illustrated, 1871 February.

XII-2 53-55

How Jimmy Lost His Voice. By Theodore A. Noales, 1871 February.

XII-2 64-65

Be Pure. By Alta Grant, 1871 March.

XII-3 78

"Robin." By Fannie J. Pavey, 1871 March.

XII-3 78-80

The Story of a Hero. By Gerald North. Illustrated, 1871 March.

XII-3 80-81

Don't Crow Before It's Morning. By W.O.C., 1871 March.

XII-3 81
Girls in the North. No.I--Fredrika Bremer. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 March.
General note

The first in a series of five loosely-related stories, the rest of which are titled "Girls of the Far North." Each installment features the story of a different northern-European girl.

XII-3 82-85

The Little House Over the Way. An Old Man's Story. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 March.

XII-3 86-89

Bombastes. A Fable. By Julia M. Thayer, 1871 March.

XII-3 90-91

Something Sweet. By W.O.C., 1871 March.

XII-3 91
Among the Relations. By A.H. Poe. Illustrated, 1871 March-September.
  1. XII-3, p. 92-93
  2. XII-6, p. 197-199
  3. XIII-1, p. 6-8
  4. XIII-2, p. 55-56
  5. XIII-3, p. 98-99
XII-3 92-93

Up the River. By Helen C. Weeks, 1871 March.

XII-3 93-95

The Half-Way Ride Tim Didn't Get. By Annie Smith, 1871 March.

XII-3 98-99

Benny's Stump. By Ruth Warrington, 1871 April.

XII-4 114-117

Girls of the Far North. No. 2--Lotten Vennberg. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 April.

XII-4 118-121

Hal Reed's New Year's Calls. By Mrs. E.E. Prentiss, 1871 April.

XII-4 125-128

Laurel Dale.--A True Story. By Samuel Harries Daddow, 1871 April.

XII-4 129-132

A Visit to Robin-Down. By Ruth Warrington. Illustrated, 1871 May.

XII-5 145-148

The Fishing Party. By Rosella Rice. Illustrated, 1871 May.

XII-5 153-156

Tommy's Birthday Party. By Prudy, 1871 May.

XII-5 157-158

May Hamilton's Piano. By Olive Thorne, 1871 May.

XII-5 161-163

Tom Hudson's Motto. By Captain Sam, 1871 May.

XII-5 163-166

The One-Stringed Fiddle. By Thos. K. Beecher, 1871 May.

XII-5 166-168

God's Angels. By W.O.C., 1871 May.

XII-5 172

Frank. By Mrs. E.J. Lakey, 1871 June.

XII-6 185-187

Girls of the Far North. No. 3--Jeanette Berglind. Miss Berg. Jenny Lind. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 June.

XII-6 190-193

Mr. and Mrs. Kingfisher. By Rosella Rice, 1871 June.

XII-6 194-197

Weddings. By Mrs. Fannie H. Hazeltine, 1871 June.

XII-6 199-201

"Chub." By A.E. Williams, 1871 June.

XII-6 201-202

Rhymes Made at Grandma's. By Helen L. Bostwick, 1871 June.

XII-6 206-208
Summer Days at Kirkwood. Chapters I-X. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871-1872.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XIII-1, p.1-4
  2. Chapter II--XIII-2, p.43-47
  3. Chapter III--XIII-3, p.80-84
  4. Chapter IV--XIII-4, p.114-118
  5. Chapter V--XIII-6, p.145-148
  6. Chapter VI--XIV-1, p.21-25
  7. Chapter VII--XIV-2, p.59-62
  8. Chapter VIII--XIV-3, p.98-102
  9. Chapter IX--XIV-4, p.132-136
  10. Chapter X--XIV-5, p.166-170
XIII-1 1-4

How God Took Care of Patty. By Anna D. Thorpe, 1871 July.

XIII-1 5-7

What They Saw in the Fifth Story. By Olive Thorne, 1871 July.

XIII-1 9-12

Natty's Ways. By Rosella Rice, 1871 July.

XIII-1 13-15

Girls of the Far North. No. 4--Sara Albertina Mansdotter. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 July.

XIII-1 16-17

How June Went to Cincinatti. By Harriet A. Farrand, 1871 July.

XIII-1 21-24

Nan's Rule. By Ray Strong, 1871 July.

XIII-1 28

My Boys. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1871 August.

XIII-2 37-39

Girls of the Far North. No. 5--Sara Albertina Mansdotter. Maria Magdalena Mattsdotter. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 August.

XIII-2 40-41

Bob's Wildcat. By Harry Castlemon, 1871 August.

XIII-2 48-50

"Meg's Babies." By Jeanette L. Thompson, 1871 August.

XIII-2 50-52

More from Harry and Nelly. By Annie Moore, 1871 August.

XIII-2 56-58

The Little Story Lover. By Lucia Chase Bell. Illustrated, 1871 August.

XIII-2 59-60

Little John's Kite Line. By Augusta Larned, 1871 September.

XIII-3 73-75

Our Second Trip to New Almaden. By M.E. Bannister, 1871 September.

XIII-3 76-77

My Young Family. By Mrs. Julia F. Snow, 1871 September.

XIII-3 85-89

Letter from Susy Sunshine. By Susy Sunshine, 1871 September.

XIII-3 92-93

The Loss of the "Mary Jane." By Hope Buhler, 1871 September.

XIII-3 94-96

The Little Girl Who Didn't Like to Thread Needles. By Annie Clyde, 1871 October.

XIII-4 112-114

Aunt Vinegar's Visit. By Susan Coolidge, 1871 October.

XIII-4 121-123

Pedro, the Barrilero. By A.E.H., 1871 October.

XIII-4 127-128

Lillies of the Valley. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1871 October.

XIII-4 128-130

How Furry Purry Became "Gold Elsie." By Mary Spring Walker. Illustrated, 1871 October.

XIII-4 131-135

Journey with the Swallows. By Madge Torbert, 1871 October.

XIII-4 135-136

Sam and the Captain. By Ruth Warrington. Illustrated, 1871 December.

XIII-6 149-152

Wooden Maria. By Susan Coolidge. Illustrated, 1871 December.

XIII-6 153-156

General, Jr. By Josephine Pollard, 1871 December.

XIII-6 156-157

Sukey's First Christmas. By Mrs. Geo. M. Kellogg. Illustrated, 1871 December.

XIII-6 160-166

Grandfather's Adventure--A True Story. By Abby T. Sewall, 1871 December.

XIII-6 167-168

The Lion's Den. By Gerald North, 1871 December.

XIII-6 168

Christmas Carols. By Mary E.C. Wyeth. Illustrated, 1871 December.

XIII-6 169-71

Nellie's Nutting Party. By Anna D. Thorpe, 1871 December.

XIII-6 172-174

Crazy Rock. By Amanda T. Jones, 1871 December.

XIII-6 174-176
Michigan. Chapters I-II. By Louise S. McNutt, 1871-1872.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XIII-6, p.178-180
  2. Chapter II--XIV-1, p.29-30
XIII-6 178-180
Dora. Chapters I-XII. By Helen C. Weeks. Illustrated, 1872 January-December.
General note

The Little Corporal held a story competition in 1871 with a prize of $500. Helen C. Weeks won the prize for this story.

Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--Haps and Mishaps. XIV-1, p.1-5
  2. Chapter II--On the Throne. XIV-2, p.41-46
  3. Chapter III--Beginning. XIV-3, p.79-84
  4. Chapter IV--What A Fly Did. XIV-4, p.118-121
  5. Chapter V--Caught. XIV-5, p.155-160
  6. Chapter VI--From Dark to Daylight. XIV-6, p.198-202
  7. Chapter VII--The President and Miss Betsey. XV-1, p.4-9
  8. Chapter VIII--Dark Days. XV-2, p.40-44
  9. Chapter IX--Watching and Waiting. XV-3, p.75-79
  10. Chapter X--The Turning Point. XV-4, p.111-116
  11. Chapter XI--By the Firelight. XV-5, p.153-158
  12. Chapter XII--XV-6, p.197-201
XIV-1 1-5

How the Little Princess Went to the Mission School. By Susan Coolidge, 1872 January.

XIV-1 6-8

The Sidewalk Barometer. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1872 January.

XIV-1 8-12
Charley's Diary. Chapters I-II. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1872 January.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XIV-1, p.12-13
  2. Chapter II--XIV-4, p.129-130
XIV-1 12-13

Jack Playne's Christmas Story. By Julia F. Snow. Illustrated, 1872 January.

XIV-1 14-19

Tilly's Lesson in Geology. By Sabra C. Snell, 1872 January.

XIV-1 25-26

Story of a Wasp and a Worm. [No author], 1872 January.

XIV-1 26

The Parsonage Doves. By Mary E.C. Wyeth. Illustrated, 1872 February.

XIV-2 46-49
The Quest of the Flower. Two Parts. By Edgar Fawcett, 1872 February.
  1. XIV-2, p.50-51
  2. XIV-3, p.93-95
XIV-2 50-51

A Pilgrimage to Christ's Hospital. By Charlotte Adams, 1872 February.

XIV-2 52-54

Lillie's Valentine. By Olive Thorne, 1872 February.

XIV-2 54-56

Grandfather Smallweed and his Friends. By Julia M. Thayer, 1872 February.

XIV-2 57-59

Voyage on an Ice Cake. By Charles E. Hurd. Illustrated, 1872 February.

XIV-2 63-66

The Rivals. By Gerald North. Illustrated, 1872 February.

XIV-2 66-69

'Swashington's Birthday. By Rosella Rice, 1872 February.

XIV-2 68-69
Mignonette's Story. Part Two: Chapters I-IV. By A.H. Poe. Illustrated, 1872 March-June.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XIV-3, p.85-86
  2. Chapter II--XIV-4, p.131-132
  3. Chapter III--XIV-5, p.172-174
  4. Chapter IV--XIV-6, p.222-223
XIV-3 85-86

The Little Lobster Story. By Mary B. Harris, 1872 March.

XIV-3 88-91

A Proverb of their Own. By Elizabeth Whitney, 1872 March.

XIV-3 106-108

Tommy Again. By Prudy, 1872 April.

XIV-4 122-123

Tale of an "X." By Olive Thorne, 1872 April.

XIV-4 125-127
Winds and Waves. Chapters I-II. By Mrs. Julia F. Snow, 1872 April.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XIV-4, p.136-139
  2. Chapter II--XIV-5, p.174-176
XIV-4 136-139

Ninette's Search for Angels. By Mrs. Antoinette C. McLean, 1872 April.

XIV-4 141-145
Reginald's Valley of Humiliation. Two Parts. By Augusta Larned, 1872 May.
  1. XIV-5, p.163-166
  2. XIV-6, p.202-204
XIV-5 163-166

The Runaway. By Sarah Loring. Illustrated, 1872 May.

XIV-5 179-184

Madie's Secret. By Ruth Warrington, 1872 June.

XIV-6 206-209

A Pair of Heroes. By A.E. Williams. Illustrated, 1872 June.

XIV-6 214-218

Gabe. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1872 July.

XV-1 1-4

Put Yourself in Her Place. By Mrs. Prof. Robbins, 1872 July.

XV-1 9-13
The Hungarian Cinderella. Chapters I-II. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1872 July.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter II--XV-1, p.13-16
  2. Chapter II--XV-2, p.47-50
XV-1 13-16

Ritta Snow's Huckleberry Money. By Marsh Mallow, 1872 July.

XV-1 18-22

Tod Perrigo. By Rosella Rice, 1872 July.

XV-1 26-29

Aunt Flindy. By Josephine Pollard. Illustrated, 1872 August.

XV-2 44-47

Differences in Taste. [No author], 1872 August.

XV-2 53

Tommy and More Mischief. By Prudy. Illustrated, 1872 August.

XV-2 54-56

Ninette's Visit. By Mrs. Antoinette C. McLean, 1872 August.

XV-2 56-59

Sukey Entered at School. By Mrs. Geo. M. Kellogg. Illustrated, 1872 August.

XV-2 60-62

Aunt Silva's Lesson in Geography. By Mrs. Geo. M. Kellogg, 1872 September.

XV-3 80-82

The Ducks and the Freshet. By Annie Moore, 1872 September.

XV-3 84-86

Tommy in the Country. By Prudy. Illustrated, 1872 September.

XV-3 89-92

Keep the Little Child in Your Heart. By Antoinette S. Moffatt, 1872 September.

XV-3 92-95

Good News. By Mrs. G.M. Kellogg. Illustrated, 1872 October.

XV-4 118-120

The Little Desk, and What Came of It. By Mrs. Edward Ashley Walker, 1872 October.

XV-4 120-124

Cherry and Snowberry. By Rebecca Perley Reed, 1872 October.

XV-4 124-126

How Tot Spoke Out in Sunday-School. [No author], 1872 October.

XV-4 138-139

Sadie's Thanksgiving. By Lucia Chase Bell. Illustrated, 1872 November.

XV-5 147-151

The Buckwheat. Translated from the Danish (Hans Christian Anderson) by Carl Larson, 1872 November.

XV-5 152-153

Charcoal and Brick Dust--A Story for Young Artists. By Anna D. Thorpe, 1872 November.

XV-5 159-161
Uncle Dick's Legacy. Chapters I-VI. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1872 November-December.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I-III--XV-5, p.162-166
  2. Chapter IV--XV-6, p.185-188
  3. Chapter VI--XVI-2, p.58-61
  4. Chapter VIII--XVI-4, p.111-114
  5. Chapter IX--XVI-5, p.165-168
  6. Chapter X--XVI-6, p.201-205
General note

The story is missing ch. V and VII because the library lacks issues XVI-1 and XVI-3.

XV-5 162-166

Aunt Silva's Browsing. By Mrs. G.M. Kellogg, 1872 November.

XV-5 166-170

Croll and his Nap. For the Wee Ones. By Jennie Burr, 1872 December.

XV-6 188-190

A Merry Christmas. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 December.

XV-6 190-192
Christmas Eve Under Ground. Chapter I. By David D. Hudson, 1872 December.
General note

The second and final chapter of this story probably appeared in Vol. XVI-1, which the library lacks.

XV-6 194-196

The Story of Minot. By Lottie Adams, 1872 December.

XV-6 202-208

The Christmas Rosaries. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1872 December.

XV-6 209-214
Hidden Treasure. Chapters II, IV-XII. By Mary A. Denison. Illustrated, 1873 February-December.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter II--Mother's Anguish. XVI-2, p.39-42
  2. Chapter IV--The Giving-Up Party. XVI-4, p.129-132
  3. Chapter V--A Stranger in their Midst. XVI-5, p.153-156
  4. Chapter VI--Lily's Surprise. XVI-6, p.183-186
  5. Chapter VII--Willing Hands and Hearts. XVII-1, p.16-19
  6. Chapter VIII--A Happy Day. XVII-2, p.57-60
  7. Chapter IX--Tom's Temptation. XVII-3, p.90-93
  8. Chapter X--The Money Bags. XVII-4, p.129-132
  9. Chapter XI--Lost Jewels Found. XVII-5, p.158-162
  10. Chapter XII--Righted at Last. XVII-6, p.189-193
General note

The story is missing ch. I and III because the library lacks issues XVI-1 and XVI-3.

XVI-2 39-42

The Journal of a Mouse. By Lucia Chase Bell, 1873 February.

XVI-2 43-45

"All for the Want of a Horse-Shoe Nail." By Gerald North. Illustrated, 1873 February.

XVI-2 46-49

Hay's "Experience." By Susan O. Curtis, 1873 February.

XVI-2 49-53

A Morning with a Trapper. By Agate, 1873 February.

XVI-2 64-66

Bessie's Disappointment. By Neil MacGregor, 1873 April.

XVI-4 117-118

Johnny Hart's Bargain. By Katharine Ware, 1873 April.

XVI-4 120-123

Faith Faithful. By Eleanor Kirk, 1873 April.

XVI-4 123-126

Charley. By Olive Thorne. Illustrated, 1873 April.

XVI-4 127-128
Kitty's Fairy Treasure. Chapter II. By Hope Buhler, 1873 April.
General note

The library does not have issue XVI-3 in which Chapter I appears.

XVI-4 133-137

Daisy's Christmas Stockings. By Joanna H. Mathews, 1873 May.

XVI-5 147-150

My Little Neighbor. By Rosella Rice, 1873 May.

XVI-5 150-152

The Irish Tramp. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1873 May.

XVI-5 156-160

Barn-Roof Prisoners. By Caroline Marsh Crane, 1873 May.

XVI-5 160-164

Uncle John and His Folks. By Mrs. Antoinette C. McLean, 1873 May.

XVI-5 171-174

The Shepherd Boy. From the German, By Marietta Kelvin, 1873 May.

XVI-5 174

The Fox and the Three Little Pigs. By S.H.A. Hunter, 1873 June.

XVI-6 189-190

Grandma's Story. By A.E. Williams, 1873 June.

XVI-6 193-195

The Old Gander and the Goslings. By Majasa, 1873 June.

XVI-6 208-210
Life on an Island. Chapter I-VII. By Helen C. Weeks, 1873 July-1874 January.
General note

The story would have continued in succeeding issues of Vol. XVIII.

Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--Getting There. XVII-1, p.1-5
  2. Chapter II--Black and Blue. XVII-2, p.37-40
  3. Chapter III--Sealed Orders. XVII-3, p.75-78
  4. Chapter IV--[No Title]. XVII-4, p.113-115
  5. Chapter V--[No Title]. XVII-5, p.164-166
  6. Chapter VI-- [No Title]. XVII-6, p.205-208
  7. Chapter VII--[No Title]. XVIII-1, p.26-29
XVII-1 1-5

Earned Twice. By Mrs. Julia P. Ballard, 1873 July.

XVII-1 5-7
Claire's Acquaintance with a Royal Princess. Chapter I-II. By Caroline Marsh Crane, 1873 July-August.
Chapter List
  1. Chapter I--XVII-1, p.7-12
  2. Chapter II--XVII-2, p.41-46
XVII-1 7-12

Dan's Adventure with the Bears. By Carrie McMillan, 1873 July.

XVII-1 12-13

Rush Morgan's Trip. By Anna D. Thorpe, 1873 July.

XVII-1 20-23

Our Duck Hunt. By Harry Castlemon, 1873 August.

XVII-2 47-49

Nora's Bonds. By Olive Thorne, 1873 August.

XVII-2 50-53

"Hold On!" By Mrs. M.F. Butts, 1873 August.

XVII-2 53-57

Mrs. Morton's Mistake. By Mrs. H.M. Morris, 1873 August.

XVII-2 61-63

The Pleasantest Thing in the World. By Mary P. Hale, 1873 August.

XVII-2 65-66

Dear Old Spot. By Mrs. W.C. Eddy, 1873 August.

XVII-2 67-68

Our Folks. By Minnie B. Slade, 1873 September.

XVII-3 79-81

George's Visit to an Indian Camp. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 September.

XVII-3 83-85

That Ruffian, Burgan. By Rosella Rice, 1873 September.

XVII-3 86-87

The Story Without Any End. By Prudy, 1873 September.

XVII-3 94-95

Dicky O'Dea. By Clara G. Dolliver, 1873 September.

XVII-3 96-99

The Prize Drawing. By Witch Hazel, 1873 September.

XVII-3 99-103

The Story of Jack. By Belle W. Cooke, 1873 October.

XVII-4 115-117

Tom Harrigan's Sling. By Clara G. Dolliver, 1873 October.

XVII-4 117-121

Katie's Proofs. By Joanna H. Mathews, 1873 October.

XVII-4 121-127

Kearney's Grapes. By Anna D. Thorpe, 1873 October.

XVII-4 133-136

How George Gained an Education. By Mrs. E.S. Thayer, 1873 October.

XVII-4 137-140

Self-Command. By Mary P. Hale, 1873 October.

XVII-4 140-141

My Sawing Burglar. By F. Hamilton, 1873 October.

XVII-4 142-144

Aunt Rusha's Boy. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 November.

XVII-5 151-155

A Story of a Grizzly Bear. By M.M. Hatheway, 1873 November.

XVII-5 155-156

Maud's Thanksgiving. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1873 November.

XVII-5 168-174

Claud and the Little Birds. By Olive Thorne. Illustrated, 1873 November.

XVII-5 175-177

The Giant Ship, A German Legend. By Harry Feddersen, 1873 November.

XVII-5 182

Otto Brosch. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 December.

XVII-6 193-196

Hope's Christmas Tree. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1873 December.

XVII-6 196-199

Chubby Ruff's Dream. By Geo. Huntington, 1873 December.

XVII-6 200-205

Pat's Persimmons. By Mary E.C. Wyeth. Illustrated, 1873 December.

XVII-6 208-214

Palissy the Potter. By Antoinette C. McLean, 1873 December.

XVII-6 217-218
The Lucky-Stone. A Sequel to Summer Days at Kirkwood. Chapter I. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1874 January.
General note

The rest of this story would have appeared in succeeding issues of Vol. XVIII.

XVIII-1 1-5

A Story out of My Budget. By Ralph G. Leonard. Illustrated, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 6-11

Aunt Nervy Interviews the Teacher. [No author] Illustrated, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 14-18

A Christmas Story. By L.K.K. Becker, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 19-24

The Dark Darnsforest. From the German, by F.G.H, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 29-30

John Bunyan. [No author], 1874 January.

XVIII-1 30


Volume-Issue Page

The Sunrise. By A. McDonald, 1870 November.

XI-5 132

My Grandpa. By Dr. Charles Jewett, 1870 November.

XI-5 135

Daisy Fortune Telling. By Mrs. M.B.C. Slade, 1870 November.

XI-5 139

The Pet. By Alice Robbins., 1870 November.

XI-5 147

Chestnutting. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller, 1870 November.

XI-5 153

Dew Drops. By Luella Clark, 1870 December.

XI-6 164

Little Purple Heartsease. By M.H.K., 1870 December.

XI-6 167

Baby Boy. By Mrs. Emily J. Bugbee. Illustrated, 1870 December.

XI-6 172

The Snow Man. By George Cooper. Illustrated, 1870 December.

XI-6 173

Margery Dee. By Luella Clark, 1870 December.

XI-6 173

At the Well. By Faith Latimer, 1870 December.

XI-6 176

A Child's Vision. By Julia M. Thayer, 1870 December.

XI-6 182

Tommy's Dinner. By George Cooper, 1870 December.

XI-6 184

Scotch Clover. By Mrs. M.B.C. Slade, 1871 January.

XII-1 5

The Weaving of the Year. By Mrs. Ellen F. Latimore, 1871 January.

XII-1 8

The Prairie Winds. By Julia M. Thayer, 1871 January.

XII-1 12

"Little Silverhair: Listening to the Christmas Stories of the Angels." By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 January.

XII-1 19

Playing School. By George Cooper, 1871 January.

XII-1 21

January. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 January.

XII-1 24

New Year's Eve. By Mrs. M.G. Kennedy, 1871 January.

XII-1 25

A New Year's Picture. By G.H. Barnes, 1871 January.

XII-1 28

A Ghost Story. By George Cooper, 1871 February.

XII-2 43

The Land of Dreams. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 February.

XII-2 45

February. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 February.

XII-2 51

Boys at Play. By W.O.C., 1871 February.

XII-2 55

Apples. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 February.

XII-2 60

Chatterbox. By Mrs. Ellen F. Lattimore, 1871 February.

XII-2 62

Eva's Prayer. By Mrs. Mary B.C. Slade, 1871 February.

XII-2 63

Poor. By Mrs. Emily J. Bugbee, 1871 March.

XII-3 78

Lullaby. By Shirley Clair, 1871 March.

XII-3 81

The Little Acorn. By M.H.K., 1871 March.

XII-3 86

March. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 March.

XII-3 91

Our Heavenly Crown. By E., 1871 March.

XII-3 98

April Showers. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 April.

XII-4 117

Right. By Luella Clark, 1871 April.

XII-4 122

April. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 April.

XII-4 125

Spring's Symphony. By Austin Q. Hagerman, 1871 April.

XII-4 125

And Old Woman's Dream. By B.R.K., 1871 April.

XII-4 128

News of Spring. By Mrs. Ellen F. Lattimore, 1871 April.

XII-4 135

Getting Up Stairs. By Helen L. Bostwick, 1871 April.

XII-4 135

How the Poem Is Born. By Joel Benton, 1871 April.

XII-4 136

Tell Me. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1871 April.

XII-4 136

"Birds Cannot Count." By Mrs. M.B.C. Slade, 1871 May.

XII-5 148

Bed Time. By Fanny M. Barton, 1871 May.

XII-5 157

May Flowers. By Ellen Porter Champion, 1871 May.

XII-5 159

Sing, Birdie. By David D. Hudson, 1871 May.

XII-5 161

Maudie. By Edgar Fawcett, 1871 May.

XII-5 166

The Cobbler. By C.M. Ward, 1871 May.

XII-5 172

The Lost Day. By Henry Gillman, 1871 May.

XII-5 172

Cradle Song. By David D. Hudson, 1871 June.

XII-6 185

June. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 June.

XII-6 187

Violets. By Alice G. Foote, 1871 June.

XII-6 188

Apple Blossoms. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 June.

XII-6 189

In the Sunshine. By George Huntington, 1871 June.

XII-6 197

To the Daisy. By Luella Clark, 1871 June.

XII-6 202

Bird Babel. By Ellen Porter Champion, 1871 June.

XII-6 208

Pictures on the Slate. By George Cooper. Illustrated, 1871 July.

XIII-1 5

The Lighthouse. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 July.

XIII-1 8

Jingles. By Caro M. Woodland, 1871 July.

XIII-1 12

Visions of Childhood. By Christine Marlowe, 1871 July.

XIII-1 15

In Sickness. By Edgar Fawcett, 1871 July.

XIII-1 17

July. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 July.

XIII-1 24

Wishing and Working. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1871 July.

XIII-1 27

The Birthday. By E.M. Olmstead, 1871 August.

XIII-2 39

From the Tower. By Mrs. M.B.C. Slade, 1871 August.

XIII-2 42

To a Toad. By Ellen Porter Champion, 1871 August.

XIII-2 42

Anor's Prayer. By Ellen Porter Champion, 1871 August.

XIII-2 47

Little Tease. By George Cooper, 1871 August.

XIII-2 50

Turning the Grindstone. By A.H. Poe, 1871 August.

XIII-2 50

August. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 August.

XIII-2 55

What the Birds Told. By M.H.K., 1871 August.

XIII-2 58

September. By L.D. Nichols, 1871 September.

XIII-3 75

My Picture. By Shirley Clair, 1871 September.

XIII-3 77

A Prayer to Summer. By Edgar Fawcett, 1871 September.

XIII-3 84

A Story. By Silas McManns, 1871 September.

XIII-3 92

Change. By Prudy, 1871 September.

XIII-3 93

Autumn Leaves. By Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1871 October.

XIII-4 112

Little Bess. By Jennie Joy, 1871 October.

XIII-4 118

Thistle Down. By Caro M. Woodward, 1871 October.

XIII-4 120

Flight of the Birds. By Henry Gillman. Illustrated, 1871 October.

XIII-4 124

What Will the Baby Be? By M.H.K., 1871 October.

XIII-4 128

Father and Child. By Henry Gillman, 1871 December.

XIII-6 152

Tina's New Doll. [No author], 1871 December.

XIII-6 157

The Miller's Boy. By G.H. Barnes, 1871 December.

XIII-6 159

The Winter Bird. By Bettine Fry, 1871 December.

XIII-6 166

Ready for a Kiss. By A.H. Poe, 1871 December.

XIII-6 166

Popping Corn for Charley. By M.E.N. Hatheway. Illustrated, 1871 December.

XIII-6 177

"A Happy New Year!" By George Cooper. Illustrated, 1872 January.

XIV-1 8

Sweet Alice. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 January.

XIV-1 14

Tea Drinking. By Charlotte M. Packard. Illustrated, 1872 January.

XIV-1 27

Racer and I. By G.H. Barnes. Illustrated, 1872 January.

XIV-1 31

Number Three. By A.H. Poe, 1872 February.

XIV-2 52

Lullaby. By David D. Hudson, 1872 February.

XIV-2 56

The Fountain of Youth. By Kate Cameron, 1872 February.

XIV-2 62

Winter Night. By David D. Hudson, 1872 March.

XIV-3 84

Trouble in the Household. By Prudy. Illustrated, 1872 March.

XIV-3 87

Mother Away. By A.H. Poe, 1872 March.

XIV-3 91

Little Bertie. By Mrs. Ellen F. Lattimore, 1872 March.

XIV-3 95

Noli-Me-Tangere. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 March.

XIV-3 97

May I Love Thee? By Mary B.C. Slade, 1872 April.

XIV-4 121

Baby Courtship. By Mrs. E.T.R. Going. Illustrated, 1872 April.

XIV-4 124

The Changing Year. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1872 April.

XIV-4 130

When You Were a Little Girl. By A.H. Poe, 1872 April.

XIV-4 139

Tinkle! Tinkle! By Flora L. Best, 1872 April.

XIV-4 141

The Robin's Matinee. By Alice Robbins, 1872 May.

XIV-5 160

The Race. By Ellen Porter Champion. Illustrated, 1872 May.

XIV-5 162

May. By Laura D. Nichols, 1872 May.

XIV-5 170

Bed-Time. By David D. Hudson, Illustrated, 1872 May.

XIV-5 178

Lessons in the Garden. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 May.

XIV-5 184

Mrs. June's Prospectus. By Susan Coolidge, 1872 June.

XIV-6 204

Waiting for Papa. By George Cooper, 1872 June.

XIV-6 205

Towsy Head's Future. By Laura W. Ledyard, 1872 June.

XIV-6 212

June. By Maydew. Illustrated, 1872 June.

XIV-6 213

Summer Time. By Prudy. Illustrated, 1872 July.

XV-1 17

Wild Strawberries. By A.C. Davis, 1872 July.

XV-1 22

When It Is Summer. By Edgar Fawcett, 1872 July.

XV-1 22

Whippoorwill. By Emily J. Bugbee, 1872 July.

XV-1 24

Little Ruth's Love Song. By A.H. Poe, 1872 July.

XV-1 30

Calling the Cows. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 August.

XV-2 50

The Bat. By Henry Baldwin, 1872 August.

XV-2 59

The Cuckoo. By G.H. Barnes, 1872 August.

XV-2 62

Baby Arithmetic. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 September.

XV-3 79

Sweetheart's Wedding Gown. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1872 September.

XV-3 82

Song of the Colors. By Laura D. Nichols. Illustrated, 1872 September.

XV-3 83-84

Angels in the Flowers. By Mary B.C. Slade, 1872 September.

XV-3 88

October. By Laura D. Nichols, 1872 October.

XV-4 117

Nutting. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn. Illustrated, 1872 October.

XV-4 129

The Wood Violet. By M.H.K, 1872 October.

XV-4 132

Our Neddy. By Kate L. Hamlin, 1872 October.

XV-4 134

Always Summer. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1872 November.

XV-5 152

Behind Time. By Josephine Pollard, 1872 November.

XV-5 158

The Lost Lamb. By M.H.K., 1872 November.

XV-5 161

Let Us Praise. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 November.

XV-5 172

November. By Laura D. Nichols, 1872 November.

XV-5 176

"Made of Kisses." By A.H. Poe, 1872 November.

XV-5 176

A Letter to Santa Claus. By Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1872 December.

XV-6 193-194

Preserving. By Mary B.C. Slade, 1872 December.

XV-6 196

One of These Days. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1872 December.

XV-6 202

The Wind and Rain. By Mary H. Krout, 1873 February.

XVI-2 42

"Not Acquainted with God." By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 February.

XVI-2 45

We Named Him Valentine. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1873 February.

XVI-2 53

Papa is Coming. By Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1873 February.

XVI-2 61

Boots in the Snow. By A.H. Poe, 1873 February.

XVI-2 66

Ship Sailing. By Charlotte Mellen Packard, 1873 April.

XVI-4 116

The Lesson. By Mrs. M.F. Butts, 1873 April.

XVI-4 128

Snowdrops. By George Cooper, 1873 April.

XVI-4 132

April Showers. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 April.

XVI-4 137

Little Gretchen. By Kate Cameron, 1873 April.

XVI-4 139

Little Nelly. [No author], 1873 May.

XVI-5 152

The Legend of St. Freda. By Mrs. Sarah D. Hobart, 1873 May.

XVI-5 164

Under the Leaves. By Miss S.P. Bartlett, 1873 May.

XVI-5 170

At Bed-Time. By Ruth Argyle, 1873 June.

XVI-6 186

O, Dear! By Josephine Pollard, 1873 June.

XVI-6 188

The Angel of the Flowers. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 June.

XVI-6 195

Morning Glory. By Ellis Gray, 1873 June.

XVI-6 197

Little Runaway. By Ellis Gray, 1873 June.

XVI-6 197

A Song of Summer. By Hattie S. Russell, 1873 June.

XVI-6 201

Kept In. By Rosa Graham, 1873 June.

XVI-6 207

Little Barefoot. By Mrs. H.E. Brown, 1873 June.

XVI-6 210

Kitty's Way. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1873 June.

XVI-6 211

Outdone. By Clio Stanley, 1873 July.

XVII-1 15

Pretty Star. By George Cooper, 1873 July.

XVII-1 27

Carrying Water. By A.H. Poe, 1873 August.

XVII-2 46

A Swiss Baby's Lullaby. Translated by J.E. Rankin, D.D., from the German of Frederika Brun, 1873 August.

XVII-2 49

To Whom It May Concern. By Miss R.W. Easterbrooks, 1873 August.

XVII-2 60

Nellie's Questions. By Mrs. M.L. Rayne, 1873 August.

XVII-2 68

Mollie's Trials. By Carlotta Perry, 1873 September.

XVII-3 82

Little May. By Joy Irelan, 1873 September.

XVII-3 87

Cuddie's Complaint. By Eunice E. Comstock, 1873 September.

XVII-3 89

Paying Her Way. By Kate Woodland, 1873 September.

XVII-3 95

Watchwords. By Ellis Gray, 1873 September.

XVII-3 106

Without the Frame. By Julia P. Ballard, 1873 October.

XVII-4 127

Indian Pipes. By Mary E. Atkinson, 1873 October.

XVII-4 132

The Little Graves. By Mrs. E.J. Bugbee, 1873 October.

XVII-4 136

My Riches. By David D. Hudson, 1873 November.

XVII-5 163

Sue's Thanksgiving. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 November.

XVII-5 174

Grandmother's Diplomacy. By Lottie M. Rose, 1873 November.

XVII-5 177

Vespers. By Mary E.C. Wyeth, 1873 November.

XVII-5 180

All for the Best. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1873 November.

XVII-5 182

Watering the Chickens. By A.H. Poe, 1873 December.

XVII-6 199

Untitled Poem. By Emily Huntington Miller. Illustrated, 1873 December.

XVII-6 between 204 and 205

The Brave Little Pig. By Mrs. F.H. Cooke, 1873 December.

XVII-6 214

Dreaming. By Mrs. L.M. Blinn, 1873 December.

XVII-6 217

Santa Claus' Poor Spell. By Josephine Pollard, 1873 December.

XVII-6 218

Sunny Memories. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1874 January.


In Loneliness. By Edgar Fawcett, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 12

Grandpa and Bess. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 18

The Carol-Singers. By Gerald North. Illustrated, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 25

Articles and Essays.

Volume-Issue Page

Visit to a Silver Mine. By Mrs. Mattie L. Holden, 1870 November.

XI-5 139-141

The Little Man of War. By A.E. Hatheway, 1870 November.

XI-5 141-142

Cochineal. By Alfred L. Sewell. Illustrated, 1870 November.

XI-5 148-149

A True Story. By Thomas K. Beecher, 1870 November.

XI-5 150-151

The Katydids. By Marie Estelle. Illustrated, 1870 November.

XI-5 151-153

True Manliness. By Alta Grant, 1870 November.

XI-5 153

Quick Temper. By Patience Waite, 1870 December.

XI-6 171

A Ride on a Cow-Catcher. By Mrs. Mattie L. Holden, 1870 December.

XI-6 172-173

A Boy's True Story. Written by himself, 1870 December.

XI-6 174-175

Race with a French Clipper. By An Old Navigator, 1870 December.

XI-6 181-182

Chat about the Red Man. By Mrs. Mattie L. Holden, 1871 January.

XII-1 10-12

My Ride with the Prince. By Uncle Bill, 1871 January.

XII-1 12-14

The Praying Mantis. By Marie Estelle. Illustrated, 1871 January.

XII-1 20-21
Art Amusements. By Martha Powell Davis. Illustrated, 1871 January-December.
  1. XII-1, p.26-27
  2. XII-2, p.60-62
  3. XII-3, p.96-97
  4. XII-4, p.132-134
  5. XII-5, p.168-171
  6. XII-6, p.202-205
  7. XIII-1, p.24-26
  8. XIII-2, p.53-55
  9. XIII-3, p.96-98
  10. XIII-4, p.130-131
  11. XIII-6, p.180-181
XII-1 26-27

A Discovery. By Alta Grant, 1871 January.

XII-1 28-29

The Chinese New Year. By Mrs. Fanny R. Feudge, 1871 January.

XII-1 27-28

Uncle Bill's Second Letter. By Uncle Bill, 1871 February.

XII-2 46-49

A True Story about Bees. By Mrs. M.B.C. Slade, 1871 February.

XII-2 52
Birds and their Ways. By Mrs. Parizade V. Hathaway, 1871.
  1. XII-2, p.62-63
  2. XII-4, p.135-136
  3. XII-5, p.171-172
  4. XIII-1, p.26-27
  5. XIII-3, p.99-100
  6. XIV-4, p.145-146
XII-2 62-63

The Sea Gull. By An Old Navigator. Illustrated, 1871 March.

XII-3 89-90

Ladybirds. By Marie Estelle. Illustrated, 1871 March.

XII-3 99-100

How Statues are Made. By Frances E. Willard, 1871 April.

XII-4 122-123

Across the Gulf of Mexico, and Up the Rio Grande. By A.E.H., 1871 April.

XII-4 128-129

The First Steamboat. By W.O.C., 1871 April.

XII-4 136

Eating Salt. By Fannie R. Feudge, 1871 May.

XII-5 159-160

The Lantern Fly. By Gerald North. Illustrated, 1871 May.

XII-5 160-161

Wanted, A Home. By J.E.M., 1871 May.

XII-5 172

Water Silver. By M.E. Bannister, 1871 June.

XII-6 187-188

Salt Hay. By Florence Aulspaugh, 1871 June.

XII-6 193-194

A Bit of Astronomy. By A.E. Lander, 1871 June.

XII-6 199

Fishes at Work. By Rhoda Little, 1871 June.

XII-6 205-206

Black Diamonds. By Samuel Harries Daddow, 1871 July.

XIII-1 18-21

"Charcoal! Charcoal!" By David Rice, M.D., 1871 August.

XIII-2 60-62

Nurseries for Baby Bugs. By Olive Thorne, 1871 August.

XIII-2 62-63

The Cave of Adelsburg. By M.P.H., 1871 August.

XIII-2 63-64

A Shower of Lead. By Olive Thorne, 1871 September.

XIII-3 90-91

About Horses. By W.O.C., 1871 September.

XIII-3 100

The Rescue. A True Story. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1871 October.

XIII-4 109-111

Lady Grisell Baillie. By Mrs. S.H.A. Hunter, 1871 September.

XIII-3 78-80

How to Become an Artist. By P. Fishe Reed, 1871 October.

XIII-4 119-120

Bound to Go Ahead. By W.O.C., 1871 October.

XIII-4 123-124

The Big Kettle with Two Ears. By Olive Thorne, 1871 October.

XIII-4 125-127

Art and Industry. By Horace Greeley, 1871 December.

XIII-6 158-159

A Candy House. By Olive Thorne, 1871 December.

XIII-6 181-183

An Incident from Real Life in China. By May Quincy, 1872 January.

XIV-1 19-21

Trees that Wear Hats. By Olive Thorne, 1872 January.

XIV-1 28-29

Boy Inventors. By Mary B. Willard, 1872 February.

XIV-2 70

Coral Islands. By Fanny R. Feudge, 1872 March.

XIV-3 91-93

John Flaxman, the Boy Designer. By Mary B. Willard, 1872 March.

XIV-3 96-97

Madam Bombus' Nursery. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 March.

XIV-3 102-103

The Empress Queen. By Mrs. S.A. Hunter, 1872 March.

XIV-3 104-106

Things I Am Learning. By M.B.C. Slade, 1872 March.

XIV-3 108

Ning Chu. By Rev. J.D. Strong, Illustrated, 1872 April.

XIV-4 127-129

How the Esquimaux Keeps His Nose Warm. H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 April.

XIV-4 139-140

Spring Flowers. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1872 May.

XIV-5 160

The Cradle on the Tree Top. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 May.

XIV-5 171-172
Industrial Drawing. By Uncle Raphael. Illustrated, 1872 May-June.
  1. XIV-5, p.176-178
  2. XIV-6, p.224-226
  3. XV-2, p.64-67
XIV-5 176-178

The Countess de Montfort. By Mrs. S.H.A. Hunter, 1872 May.

XIV-5 184-186

A Cow Tree. By Austin Q. Hagerman, 1872 May.

XIV-5 186

Chromos. By Milly Mann, 1872 May.

XIV-5 187-188

The Chinese Smugglers. By A.R. Thompson, D.D., 1872 May.

XIV-5 188

The Down-Hill Principle. By J.B.T. Marsh, 1872 June.

XIV-6 209-212

The New England Boy-Farmer. By Charles D. Warner, 1872 June.

XIV-6 218-220

Bunny's Home. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 June.

XIV-6 221-222

Buoys Who Ride on the Sea. By Olive Thorne, 1872 July.

XV-1 23-24

The Bird with a Pickaxe. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 July.

XV-1 24-25

What Is Cork? By Mrs. Fannie R. Feudge, 1872 July.

XV-1 29-30
Nelly Thurlow's Letter from Switzerland. By Nelly Thurlow, 1872 August-October.
  1. XV-2, p.50-53
  2. XV-3, p.86-88
  3. XV-4, p.130-132
XV-2 50-53

A Bed of Fish Bones. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 August.

XV-2 63-64

Mechanical Drawing. By Uncle Raphael. Illustrated, 1872 August.

XV-2 64-67

"All Covered". [No author], 1872 August.

XV-2 67

The Fern that was Older than Adam. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1872 September.

XV-3 95-99

The First Sewing Machine. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 September.

XV-3 99-100

"Old Grouty"--A Story of the Revolution. By E.W.B. Canning, 1872 September.

XV-3 100-101

Silk. By Mrs. Fannie R. Feudge, 1872 September.

XV-3 101-102

The First Umbrella. By Jennie Gillespie, 1872 September.

XV-3 102-103

"Pull His Ears and You'll See." By Rosella Rice, 1872 October.

XV-4 116-117

The Sandstone House. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 October.

XV-4 126-127

Curious Oriental Customs. By Mrs. Fannie R. Feudge, 1872 October.

XV-4 127-129

Anne of Brittany. By Mrs. S.H.L. Hunter, 1872 October.

XV-4 133-134

Antiquities of New England. By M.E.N. Hatheway. Illustrated, 1872 October.

XV-4 135-136

How They Get On. By Olive Thorne, 1872 October.

XV-4 136-138

The Little Oven Builder. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 November.

XV-5 171-172

The Year After The Fire. By J.B.T. Marsh, 1872 November.

XV-5 172-176

Our Little Mulberry Tree. By Rosella Rice, 1872 December.

XV-6 192

A City Under One Roof. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1872 December.

XV-6 208-209

The Story of a Prison. By Helen C. Weeks. Illustrated, 1873 February.

XVI-2 54-58

Out of the Mud. By Jenny Burr, 1873 April.

XVI-4 115-116

A Very Old Time School. By Miss S.J. Prichard. Illustrated, 1873 April.

XVI-4 118-119

My Granfather's Story. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1873 April.

XVI-4 132

Wise Little Builders. By Mrs. E.J. Nichols, 1873 April.

XVI-4 137-138

Twenty-Four Thousand Eyes. By Austin Q. Hagerman, 1873 April.

XVI-4 138-139

Birds of the Sea. By Thomas W. Knox, 1873 May.

XVI-5 168-170

The Konigstein. By C.M. Bennett, 1873 June.

XVI-6 187-188

A Court Festival. By Fannie R. Feudge, 1873 June.

XVI-6 191-193

Among the Glassmakers. By Carrie F. Miller, 1873 June.

XVI-6 196-197

The Tower of London. By Helen E. Smith, 1873 June.

XVI-6 198

Mud Houses. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1873 June.

XVI-6 198-200

The Gray Turkey. By M.E.N. Hatheway, 1873 June.

XVI-6 200

The Baltimore Oriole. By Mrs. Parizade V. Hathaway, 1873 June.

XVI-6 205-206

How the Zulus Live. By E.B. Tyler, 1873 June.

XVI-6 210-211

Chunks of Winter in the Middle of Summer. By Olive Thorne, 1873 July.

XVII-1 14-15

Cousin Jack. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1873 July.

XVII-1 23-25

The Traveler's Tree. By M. Melrose, 1873 July.

XVII-1 25-26

Two Friends. By Ellis Gray, 1873 July.

XVII-1 26-27

The Life of Cherry Blossom. [No author], 1873 July.

XVII-1 27-29

Tame Squirrels. By Ethel C. Gale, 1873 July.

XVII-1 29

Cousin Jack's Cake. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1873 August.

XVII-2 63-65

Natural Soap-Suds. By Ethel C. Gale, 1873 August.

XVII-2 66-67

The Pearl. By Oria, 1873 September.

XVII-3 81-82
How to Impress Leaves, Ferns, Etc., on Paper, Wood and Cloth. By Aunt Carrie, 1873 September-October.
  1. XVII-3, p.85-86
  2. XVII-4, p.144
XVII-3 85-86

Lichens and Rainy Days. By Grace Morven, 1873 September.

XVII-3 88

Cousin Jack's Journal. By Mrs. E.D. Kendall, 1873 September.

XVII-3 103-105

A Peculiar Country. By Ethel C. Gale, 1873 September.

XVII-3 106

The Little Hammock Builder. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1873 October.

XVII-4 128

Hummers. By H.M.M. Illustrated, 1873 November.

XVII-5 156-158

How to Become Great. By J.H. Laird, 1873 November.

XVII-5 162-163

The Born Artist. By Geo. Huntington. Illustrated, 1873 November.

XVII-5 167

In the Woods. By W.O.C., 1873 November.

XVII-5 177

Almost a Discovery. By L.B. Bacon, 1873 November.

XVII-5 178-179

Our Little Dog Dickie. For the Very Small Folks. By N.A.N, 1873 November.

XVII-5 179-180

Our Defeat at Waterloo. By M.E.M, 1873 November.

XVII-5 180-182

A "Merrie Christmas." By Julia F. Snow, 1873 December.

XVII-6 215-217

How a Frog Led to the Telegraph. By Austin Q. Hagerman, 1874 January.

XVIII-1 12-13


Volume-Issue Page

Our Boys.--California Grapes. Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1870 November.

XI-5 154-155

The Old Year and the New.--Your Subscription Expires.--Our Christmas Box.--Our $500 Prize Story. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1870 December.

XI-6 185-186

It is Pitiful!--Our Serial.--Book Notices. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller.

XII-1 29-30

"Loving Words for Children."--Three Letters.--Transferred. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 February.

XII-2 65-66

Greeting.--Use Your Eyes.--To Contributors.--What Labor Can Do.--Books Received. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 March.

XII-3 101-102
Easter Sports.--A Talk with my Boys. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 April.
General note

The Frontispiece of this issue relates to the editorial article "Easter Sports."

XII-4 137-138

About Flowers.--Something for the Girls. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller.

XII-5 173-174

Our New Monthly.--Flowers for the Parlor.--Rainy-Day Sports.--Our Frontispiece.--To Contributors. By Alfred L. Sewell and Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 June.

XII-6 209-210

About Corners.--Ear Marks.--A Matinee. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 July.

XIII-1 29-30

Out of School.--Nature's Secrets.--Engraving on Wood.--Letters of Recommendation. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 August.

XIII-3 65-66

A Chapter of Wonders.--Gold Leaf. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 September.

XIII-3 101-102

A Window Garden.--Eyes and No Eyes.--Making Character.--October. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 October.

XIII-4 137-138

More About the Fire.--Contributors.--Manuscripts.--Cutting Out.--Incidents of the Fire. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 December.

XIII-6 184-186

The January Number.--The White Man's Pocket.--What Does Johnny Read? By Emily Huntington Miller, 1871 January.

XIV-1 33-34

Backing. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 February.

XIV-2 71-72

Fun.--"Relics of the Fire."--March and Mosses. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 March.

XIV-3 109-110

Out Doors and In.--Work by the Job.--The Hill Difficulty.--Microscopes. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 April.

XIV-4 147-148

Weather Prophets.--"Honor Bright."--A New Crusade.--Now. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 May.

XIV-5 189-190

Vacations.--What the Boys Did.--Special. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 June.

XIV-6 227-228

"That Fourth of July." By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 July.

XV-1 31-32

A Feathered Foundling.--Scrap Books. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 August.

XV-2 67-68

Attacks of the Savages.--Wooden Paper. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 September.

XV-3 103-104

Street Gardening.--Rob and I.--Fire Anniversary. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 October.

XV-4 139-140

Christmas Gifts.--The Fire Anniversary. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 November.

XV-5 177-178

Christmas Gifts.--Ruminating Animals.--Winter Ornaments for Home. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1872 December.

XV-6 215-216

Dorry and the Rest of Us.--Things I Want to Know.--Don't! By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 February.

XVI-2 67-68
What Ailed the Pine?--How We Take Cold.--The Early Songster. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 April.
General note

The Frontispiece of this issue relates to the editorial article "The Early Songster."

XVI-4 139-140

Compositions.--Didn't-Think.--A Pretty Experiment.--More About Birds. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 May.

XVI-5 175-176

Society of Inquiry. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 June.

XVI-6 211-212

The Chain-Gang.--Transferred. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 July.

XVII-1 29-30
Eyes and Ears. By Emily Huntington Miller, 1873 December.
  1. XVII-6, p.219-220
  2. XVIII-1, p.31-32
XVII-6 219-220


Volume-Issue Page

Christmas Hymn. Words by M.B.C. Slade. Music by Geo. F. Root, 1872 January.

XIV-1 32

A Cradle Melody. Words by Edgar Fawcett. Music by T.C. O'Kane., 1873 February.

XVI-2 62-63