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How to Use the VCat Slideshow

example: select a facet

Clicking on the  slideshow button (slideshow button) from any VCat page will open a new tab that displays cover images of all the videos that have met your search criteria.

If you have Cooliris installed...

The video covers will be displayed along a browseable wall.
  • You can scroll along the wall by moving the blue slider (or using the arrows) at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you find a video that interests you, click on the cover image and you'll zoom in on it.
    • If it's a film that you want to know more about, click the blue icon on the bottom right corner of the image (   ).
    • This will take you to a page with full information about that specific film.
    • From here you can do anything else that you'd normally do in VCat or use your browser's back button to return to the wall.
  • If the image you clicked isn't for the film you want, just click anywhere on the wall of cover images to scroll some more and continue your search.

If you don't have Cooliris installed...

You'll be able to page through the cover images one at a time by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of your screen or you can select individual thumbnails to display by clicking on the specific image from the ribbon of choices.

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