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How to Watch a Film in the Library

As listed below, a number of campus libraries provide video facilities for both individual and group viewing. Hours vary, so please check before visiting an individual library.

Location Type of Equipment Comments
Eugene Ormandy Music & Media Center - 4th Floor West Widescreen monitors, VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray/LaserDisc Players and network-connected computers; recording room and audio lab Five rooms with wireless headphones can each accommodate up to 4-5 people. Each room offers a Blu-Ray player, a DVD player, a network-connected computer, and a 37" flat-panel widescreen television. Three rooms include VHS videocassette players, two rooms include laserdisc players. The audio lab includes audio components connected to iMac Pros, all of which boast multimedia software (Adobe Suite, Audacity, Garageband, Final Cut Pro, iMovie). The Glossberg Recording room includes two SM7 dynamic microphones, a Mackie pre-amp, MIDI keyboard and iMac Pro which includes the aforementioned multimedia software as well as the notation software Sibelius and the ear training program Practica Musica. (Reservations are required to use the recording room).
Undergraduate Study Center (Rosengarten) Monitor/VCR/DVD 6 viewing stations, 1 group viewing room. 5 VCRs are capable of playing PAL, NTSC and MESECAM video formats. Key and remotes for group viewing room and head phones and adapters for individual viewing stations can be checked out at the Rosengarten Desk.
Weigle Information Commons - 1st Floor West DVD/video cameras 3 study rooms (rooms 127, 128, and 129) with DVD recorders connected to wall-mounted video cameras and microphones for practicing presentation skills. Playback available on wall-mounted plasma screens.

Laptops with DVD viewing capability available throughout the 12 group study booths, 10 group study rooms, and 2 alcove areas.
Vitale Digital Media Lab (rm 121) - 1st Floor West VCR/DVD/MiniDV/CD/Audio cassette/turntable/video cameras/scanners VCRs (PAL, SECAM, or NTSC), multi-region DVD player, DVD recorder, mini DV decks, cassette-to-CD copier, and turntable (33 or 45 speed vinyl records only, not 78 speed) connected to 10 Macintosh workstations to allow audio/video importing/exporting/editing. 2 flatbed scanners and 1 slide scanner. Poster printer for posters up to 42" wide and 100 feet in length. Paper cutter for cutting single sheets of paper up to 54" wide. Multimedia software includes iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia suite, and Garage Band. USB headsets with microphones to allow audio recording in the lab. Assistance with all hardware and software available during lab hours.
Glossberg Spoken Voice Recording Room (rm 424.2) - Ormandy Music and Media Center, 4th Floor West Mac Pro, microphones, audio interface, midi keyboard A resource for faculty, students, and staff to record the spoken word for podcasts, video voice-overs, and interviews. Use of the room assumes basic knowledge of GarageBand, iMovie, or Audacity. Room must be reserved through the Room Scheduler. Assistance with hardware and software available from the Vitale Digital Media Lab during lab hours.
Location Type of Equipment Comments
3620 Walnut Street - 2nd Floor 3 standard DVD/video combo players with monitors. 1 PC station with DVD capability. 3 laptops (on-site lending) with DVD capacity. Headphones available at Circulation Desk There are 3 viewing booths with 30-inch monitors with DVD/video players that can be used for single or small group viewing. 4 VCRs and 1 Laser Disc player are available at the back of the library. Head Phones can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
Location Type of Equipment Comments
Ground Floor-study carrels 5 VCRs with monitors Head phones available at the Circulation Desk. Each unit can be shared by 2-5 people.
Ground Floor-study room 1 VCR with 19" monitor The equipment is on a cart and can be moved to other study rooms and locations. This study room seats up to 8 people.
Location Type of Equipment Comments
Fine Arts Library - 1st Floor VCR and Monitor There is one VCR/Monitor. Head phones are available at the Circulation Desk.
Location Type of Equipment Comments
Museum Library - Main Level VCR and Monitor. There is one VCR and Monitor located in a dedicated video room.