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Oberon, the faery prince (1993)
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Call no.:
DVD 011 184
Oberon, the faery prince
Alternate titles:
Oberon, the fairy prince
Originally produced:
Reconstruction of an English court masque.
by Ben Jonson ; original music by Alfonso Ferrabosco, Jr., Robert Johnson, et al. ; presented by Case Western Reserve University Departments of English, Music, and Theater, and Cleveland State University Departments of English and Theater ; [video] produced and directed by Ed Kling ; executive producer, Ross W. Duffin ; written by Thomas Bishop, Ross W. Duffin, and Ken Pierce ; [performance] produced by Thomas Bishop, Ross W. Duffin, and David Evett ; stage direction by Barrie Rutter ; choreography and dance direction by Ken Pierce ; music direction by David Douglass.
Cleveland, OH : Case Western Reserve University, c1993.
1 DVD (99 min.) : sound, color
Kling, Ed
Duffin, Ross W
Bishop, Thomas
Evett, David
Kling, Ed
Members of the court: Agnar Pytte, Catherine Newman, Amoreena Sorg, Julie Andrijeski, Vanessa Bednarik, Penny Casselman, Mary Dolata, Sarah Morrison; members of the masque: Pete Behmke, Deborah Fisher, Robin Lockshine, Duane Noch, Lana Zannoni, Reuben Silver, Mark Duer, Daniel Gangloff, Lelani Barrett, Peter Laki, Kent Quade, Quentin Quereau, Hilary Graham and Natasha Galkina, Coeli Ingold and Gail West, Crys Gee, Seema Haria, Shannon McCullough, Michaelene Maddocks, Elizabeth Myers, Audrey Sniezek, Ken Pierce, Desmond Tillman, Ian Míceál Gallagher, Paula Bartkowicz Janet Youngdahl. Musicians: CWRU Collegium Musicum, director, Ross W. Duffin; recorder ensemble: Sarah Weiner (soprano), David Betts (alto), John Anderies (tenor), Kent Quade (bass); cornett and sackbut ensemble: Steven Plank and Tim Collins (cornetts), Paul Ferguson (alto sackbut), David Betts and Paul Cary (tenor sackbuts), Tom Stage (bass sackbut); lutenists: David Dolata and Stephen Toombs; violin band--Oberon's fancy: Julie Andrijeski and Maia Silberstein (violins), Daniel Elyar and Liisa Piik (violas), Katie Reitman (cello). Singers: Early Music Singers, director, Beverly Simmons: Nancy Jackson, Betsy Kaufman, Cynthia Taggart, Gail West, Janet Youngdahl (sopranos); Beverly Simmons, Julie Volansky, Sarah Weiner (altos); Peter Laki, Joseph Rush, Bruce Taggart (tenors); Ian Míceál Gallagher and Kent Quade (basses).
Hosts: Ross W. Duffin and Thomas Bishop.
Additional music, William Byrd, John Dowland, Robert Jones, and François Caroubel; music reconstruction, Ross W. Duffin and Peter Holman; design and technical direction, Eugene Hare after Inigo Jones; lighting co-design, David A. Capp.
Videodisc of a live performance produced in 1993.
Introduction (ca. 9 min.) / by Ross W. Duffin (dDiscussion of the political and cultural significance of the masque at the court of King James I. Includes a synopsis of the work).
Afterword (ca. 34 min.) / by Thomas Bishop (background information about Oberon, the faery prince, including an examination of the sources used in reconstructing the physical setting, designs, dances (among them the coranto, galliard, and branle), and music).
Reaction (ca. 4 min.) / brief commentaries by specialists in the fields of early music, dance, and theater: Peter Walls, Peter Holman, Carol Marsh, Fritz Levy, and Stephen Orgel.
Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637 Film adaptations.
Pierce, Ken.
Duffin, Ross W.
Bishop, Thomas.
Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612.
Walls, Peter.
Holman, Peter.
Marsh, Carol G.
Orgel, Stephen.
Case Western Reserve University.
Masques (Works). Oberon, the faery prince.
Dance England 17th century.
Courante (Dance)
Galliard (Dance)
Branle (Dance)
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Location: Storage
Format: DVD
Region: NTSC (North America)
Year: 1990s
Spoken language: English
Title: Oberon, the faery prince
Director: Kling, Ed
Musical score composer: Ferrabosco, Alfonso
Musical score composer: Johnson, Robert
Film technique: Live action