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Isaac Clarence Kulp historical collection


This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Mennonite Heritage Center. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

Mennonite Heritage Center
Kulp, Isaac Clarence, 1938-2007
Isaac Clarence Kulp historical collection
Date [inclusive]:
Call Number:
14 Linear feet ((20 boxes))
Isaac Clarence Kulp (1938-2007) was an historian, antiquarian, and folk artist of Vernfield, Montgomery Co., PA. In the 1960s he was one of the pioneers of Pennsylvania German folk culture research in the Goschenhoppen region of Montgomery County and surrounding areas. His collection of folklore notes, tape recordings, books, paintings, photographs and other manuscripts has been preserved at the Mennonite Heritage Center. The I. C. Kulp Historical Collection consists of documents, correspondence, etc. from three centuries of PA German life in eastern Pennsylvania. Much of the material was bought by Mr. Kulp at family auctions, some was given to him. Highlights of this collection are papers and scrapbooks from Abraham H. Bergey (1876-1964) of Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co. (including papers from fraktur artist Samuel K. Gottschall), papers from the family of Abraham Harley Cassel (1820-1905) of Vernfield, Montgomery Co., and papers of Lutheran minister Josiah S. Renninger (1838-1919).
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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Mennonite Heritage Center,  2008

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Forrest L. Moyer


Processing of the Isaac Clarence Kulp Collection was supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Controlled Access Headings

Family Name(s)
  • Cassel
  • Gottshall
  • Renninger
  • Shisler
  • Broadsides
  • Correspondence
  • Deeds
  • Family papers
  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • Manuscripts
  • Scrapbooks
Personal Name(s)
  • Cassel, Abraham Harley, 1820-1908
  • Gottschall, Samuel K., 1808-1898
  • Renninger, Josiah S., 1838-1919
  • Fraktur art
  • Lutheran Church--Clergy
  • Spiritual healing

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Collection Inventory

Series A. Paper files.

Subseries A1. Historical miscellanea.

Box Folder

Memorabilia and ephemera.

20 1-4

Leaves from two copies of the German Bible published by Christoph Sower at Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1743.

20 5

Cards (2) from Der Frommen Lotterie, published by Christoph Sower, Germantown, 1744.

20 6

Leaves from a copy of the German Bible published by Christoph Sower, Germantown, 1763.

20 7

Leaves from Carl Friedrich Egelmann's copy book, Deutsche und Englische Vorschriften für die Jugend, Reading, PA, 1821.

20 8

Calendars, local historical and church birthday, 1952-1995. [oversized].

59 5-6
Maps. [oversized].
Related Archival Materials note

See also folder 17-5.

60 5

Subseries A2. Broadsides.

Box Folder
Small broadsides.
Scope and Contents note

File includes published notice of the resignation of Rev. John Andrew Strassburger from the Tohickon-Indianfield Reformed charge, 1854.

20 9

Small commercial broadsides.

20 10

Songs and poems (broadsides and pamphlets).

20 11

Large broadsides. [oversized].

58 5

Fire letter broadsides. [oversized].

58 6

Himmelsbrief (Heaven's letter) broadsides. [oversized].

58 7

Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe Frakturs by Adele Hostetter Hershey and Ruth Hershey Irion, Hamburg, PA, 1947. [oversized].

58 8

Broadsides printed by Harry F. Stauffer at Farmersville, Lancaster County, PA, circa 1953-1970. [oversized].

58 9

Fraktur motifs. [oversized].

58 10

Posters, circa 1950-1989. [oversized].

58 11

Oversize broadsides.

60 6

Des Saengers Harmonie broadside, by Samuel K. Cassel, 1855. [oversized].

60 7

Auction broadside for property of Henry Kolb, Salfordville, PA, 1877. [oversized].

60 8
Oversize posters. [oversized].
Scope and Contents note

File contains a poster for the Historic Schaefferstown Folklife Conference, circa 1965, and the Old Goshenhoppen Church Annual Picnic, 1977.

60 9

Subseries A3. Local business promotionals.

Box Folder

Business promotionals, 20th century.

20 12-18

Business promotional calendars. [oversized].

59 7-10

Subseries A4. Local programs.


Subseries A5. Manuscripts.

Related Archival Materials note

See also papers of ministers of Indian Creek Church of the Brethren, Vernfield, PA, in the I. C. Kulp Brethren Collection, box 36, folders 6 through 14, and box 37.

Box Folder

Sundry manuscripts, 18th-20th centuries.

20 28-29
Oversize manuscripts.
Scope and Contents note

File includes an unidentified family record, circa 1755-1775.

58 12


20 30
Certificates, 1800-1964.
Scope and Contents note

1) Jacob Schardel membership in the German Society of Reading, PA, 1800; 2) Jacob Krauss and Lydia Kriebel marriage, Worcester, PA, signed by Casper Wack, 1830; 3) Samuel and Hannah Mohler Landes family record, professionally printed, 1836 or after; 4) Charles Kern and Mary Yerger marriage, signed by J. S. Dubs, 1855; 5) Susan Gilbert confirmation, Douglassville, PA, signed by G. A. Struntz, 1866; 6) Mamie Wolf collection for the American Bible Union to “give the Sacred Scriptures to the Freedmen of America,” 1876; 7) Thomas R. Brendle “citation for pastoral service” from the United Church of Christ, 1965.

20 31
Oversize certificates.
Scope and Contents note

1) Lydia Hersch confirmation by Rev. Daniel Weiser, 1839; 2) Michael and Mary Ann Kettering Nafzger/Nafziger family record, ca. 1850-1864; 3) Michael and Maria Rosenberger Swartley marriage, 1861; 4) blank birth and baptismal certificate printed by Scheffer, Harrisburg, PA; 5) I. C. Kulp 8th grade diploma, 1952; 6) I. C. Kulp perfect attendance at Sunday School, Indian Creek Church of the Brethren, 1952; 7) I. C. Kulp membership in the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, 1957 (see file 14-24); 8) I. C. Kulp birth and baptismal certificate, late 20th century; 9) Bessie Gottshall Kulp award of merit from the Goschenhoppen Historians, circa 1982.

58 13
Confirmation songs.
Scope and Contents note

One unsigned and undated; one written by Jefferson M. Ditzler and lettered by George J. Miller, Bethel, PA, 1852.

20 32
Letters, 1871-1974.
Scope and Contents note

Older letters include: 1) letter from Joel Kantner, Lower Bern, Berks County, PA, 1871; 2) envelope addressed in rhyme to J. S. Michener, New London, Chester County, PA; 3) letter fragment from Pike Township, Berks County; 4) envelopes addressed to Alice Hagey at Salfordville and Elroy, PA, in Henry D. Hagey’s handwriting, sent from New York City, 1898; 5) letter from J. M. Kaufman at the American Mennonite Mission, Dhamtari, India, to William D. Fretz, Perkasie, PA, 1911; 6) resignation letter from James B. Shisler to Amwell Church of the Brethren, Amwell, NJ, 1911.

20 33

Unidentified manuscript hymn book, no date.

20 34
Unidentified manuscript "seal book", 1865.
General note

Photocopy; original discarded due to poor condition.

20 35

Unidentified restaurant placemat collection, 1960s. [oversized].

52 6

Baumann, August--bookplates for Alice M. Geisinger, 1903, and Oscar W. S. Huber.

20 36

Bördors, Johann Theil--estate inventory, 1744.

20 37

Bucher, Isaac (presumably 1880-1970)--papers.

20 38

Culp, Samuel and Jane--papers from family Bible. [oversized].

20 70

Dinges, Catharina (circa 1794)--papers from her hymnbook.

20 39

Ephrata Cloister, Ephrata, PA--receipt from Sister Sophia to Abraham Konigmacher, trustee, 1811.

20 40

Gottshall, Benjamin--manuscript New Year wish, 1823.

20 41

Gottshall, Reinhart F. (1880-1976)--German translation of the gospel hymn "The Ninety and Nine", 1963.

20 42

Harley, Herbert--essays on Brethren history.

20 43-44

Hittel, John and Maria Frey (married 1847)--family Bible record (partially lettered by Martin Wetzler).

20 45

Jung, Johannes M.--bookplate, 1872.

20 46

Kinsie, Abraham--leaves from practice book, 1803.

20 47

Krebs, Friedrich (d. 1815)--birth and baptismal certificate for Elisabeth Beckle, Heidelberg Township, Dauphin County, PA, 1805. [oversized].

58 14

Kulp, John H. and Catherine Swartley (married 1844)--family Bible record.

20 47A

Landes, Rachel Harley (1789-1877)--birth record and papers from her Bible, 1840 circa.

20 47B

Laros, Jesse (1823- )--manuscript communion hymn.

20 48

Laros (Gross), Sarah Ann (1853- )--bookplate, 1867.

20 49

Metz, Henry G. and Susanna Alderfer (married 1858)--family Bible record.

20 50

Metz, Ida Groff (1866-1958)--papers. For related photos, see folder 40-25.

20 51-52

Moyer, Ella Slotter (1888-1973)--papers from her Bible.

20 53

Moyer, Frank G. (1874-1958)--papers.

20 54

Moyer, Leroy H. and Ruth Moyer (married 1943)--papers. For clippings, see oversize folder 63-7.

20 55

Moyer, Sarah--bookplate, 1838.

20 56
Musselman, William F. (1899-1958)--historical papers.
Scope and Contents note

Several family Bible records (two lettered by Martin Wetzler); manuscript memoirs regarding powwowing experiences, etc. by Musselman; manuscript material by Souderton historian Henry S. Landes (1871-1950), etc.

20 57

Oda, Wilbur H. (1892-1953)--manuscript notes on Pennsylvania German publishing.

20 58

Price, Benjamin and Mary Anna Boos (married 1857)--family Bible record.

20 59

"S. Catharina" paper cutting, 1769?.

20 60

Schellhase, Adam E.--papers, including notes on powwowing.

20 61

Schelly, Susanna--fraktur bookplate, 1837.

20 62

Schucker, Benjamin and Angelina Schäfer (married 1860)--family Bible record, lettered by Martin Wetzler.

20 63
Scherdel, Jacob--legal form practice sheet, circa 1795.
Related Archival Materials note

See also Jacob Schardel certificate in folder 20-31.

20 64

Seibert, Reuben and Katie Henry (married 1897)--family Bible record, lettered by August Baumann, and papers from the Bible.

20 65-66

Shisler, Melvin F. (1899-1984)--papers. See also birthday book in box 25 and scrapbooks in box 56.

20 67

Stoltzfus, Simmon K. and Katie Glick (married 1889)--family Bible record.

20 68

Souder, John D. (1865-1942)--artwork. [oversized].

58 15
Stover, Susan Keeler (1891-1978)--papers.
Scope and Contents note

One notebook in this file contains manuscript recipes; another includes estate appraisals for Christian F. and Elizabeth Moyer Moyer, 1936.

20 69

Unidentified fraktur Vorschrift: " Darum trage deine Ketten...", 1809.

21 1

Civil War era songs.

21 2

Alderfer, John B. (1839-1887)--fraktur family record.

21 3

Cassel, Jacob--draft of land belonging to the heirs of Elizabeth Stump Hagey, Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., 1823.

21 4
Gottshalk, Gottshalk (1753-1824)--account book, 1788-1798.
Scope and Contents note

Original account book, rebound, with record of attendees at the Gottshall Reunion, 1918, transcription/translation by Raymond Hollenbach, and a related note by I. C. Kulp.

21 5
Gottshall, William Z. (1784-1875)--account book, 1832-1846.
Scope and Contents note

Original account book and transcription/translation by Raymond Hollenbach.

21 6

Kerver, Adam (1822?- )--blacksmith accounts, letters, etc. See also oversize ledger in folder 58-12.

21 7

Kindig, Samuel (1806-1869)--fraktur practice book, circa 1825.

21 8

Moyer, Harvey S. (1870-1957)--papers: poems and genealogy.

21 9
Nyce, William G. (1888-1958)--papers.
Related Archival Materials note

For related photos, see files 41-1 through 41-3, boxes 42 and 43, and MHEP.Hist.Mss.382 William G. Nyce Coll.

21 10
Overholt, Joseph G. (1832-1905)--papers.
Scope and Contents note

Manuscript tune book and “Ohio accounts”/ medicinal book (circa 1855); fraktur ABC song lettered by Joseph Overholt, 1863; correspondence, musical notation, penmanship practice sheets, etc.; undated manuscript tune book.

21 11-14

Phillips, Wheeler W.--manuscript copy of will, Bergen County, NJ, 1893.

21 15

Price, Abraham A. (1883-1966)--schoolteaching records, Indian Creek School, Vernfield, PA, circa 1905-1917.

21 16

Sower, Christopher (1695-1753)--administration bond for the estate of Anna Sybilla Cramer, 1745.

21 17

Weaver, Menno B. (1887-1963)--papers.

21 18

Werstler, Christian--bond, 1805, and receipt, 1820.

21 19

Subseries A6. Clippings.

Scope and Contents note

Clippings featuring I. C. Kulp; Mennonite-related; German language; Church of the Brethren (mostly from the COB Messenger); PA German dialect and other columns: “  ‘S Pennsylfawnishe Deitsch Eck,” by Preston A. Barba and C. Richard Beam, 1935-1984; “  Es Deitsch Schtick,” by Richard Druckenbrod, 1979-1982; “  Der Shdivvel Knecht,” by Clarence G. Reitnauer, 1968-1984; “‘I remember’ by the old timer."; “Pumpernickle Bill,” by William S. Troxell, 1947-1952; “Up and Down Montgomery County,” by Edward W. Hocker (an extensive collection); 100-year reprint pages from the  Town and Country, Pennsburg, PA, 2001-2007; Leroy H. and Ruth Moyer Moyer clippings. Oversize clippings are in box 60, folders 11-15 and box 63, folders 6-9.


Subseries A7. Obituaries, funeral and memorial cards, 1867-2006.

Related Archival Materials note

For funeral programs, see folder 20-27; also see oversize obituaries in folder 63-5.


Subseries A8. Land deeds.

Arrangement note

Arranged chronologically.

Box Folder

Dielman Kolb to Jacob Hackman, Franconia Township, Philadelphia County, PA—lease and release, 1748-1749.

23 1

George and Catharina Frederick to Herman Weishy, Upper Salford Township, Philadelphia County, 1763.

23 2

Two deeds for land in “Millersburg,” printed at Ephrata Cloister: John and Elizabeth Miller to Michael Haverstick and Philip Frick, 1765.

23 3

Henry and Susanna Van Pool to Michael Kolb, Marlborough Township, Philadelphia County, 1774.

23 4

Frederick Alderfer to John Alderfer, Lower Salford Township, Philadelphia County, 1776.

23 5

Michael and Magdalena Kolb to Andrew Mowrer, Upper Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, 1784.

23 6

Jacob and Mary Price to Peter Wile, Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County, 1812.

23 7

Estate of John Reiff to John Tyson, Towamencin Township, Montgomery County, 1834.

23 8

Two deeds for land bordering Hatfield Church of the Brethren, Hatfield Township, Montgomery County: George and Christiana Fisher to Charles Keller, 1857-1859.

23 9
Six deeds for the David H. Cassel property, Lower Salford Township, 1848-1884.
Scope and Contents note

File includes the following: 1) Jonas C. and Catharine Godshalk and Charles Fronefield to Isaac Landis, 1848; 2) Jonas and Catharine Godshalk to Michael Freed, 1849; 3) Isaac and Hettie Landis to Michael Freed, 1849; 4) Daniel and Barbara Clemens to Michael Freed, 1850; 5) Michael and Sarah Freed to Henry Harley, 1862; 6) Estate of Henry Harley to Benjamin N. Halteman, 1884.

23 10
Twelve deeds for the Isaac H. Delp property, Lower Salford Township, 1816-1884.
Scope and Contents note

File includes the following: 1) John and Barbara Snyder to Jacob Kulp, 1816; 2) Jacob and Elisabeth Stong to Philip Zieber, 1820; 3) Philip and Margaret Zieber to Isaac Schneider, 1833; 4) Jacob and Elizabeth Kulp to Isaac Schneider, 1837; 5) Isaac Schneider to Abraham Barndt, 1852; 6) Abraham and Margaret Barndt to Paul Barndt, 1856; 7) Jacob H. and Catharine Alderfer to Paul Barndt, May 1863; 8) Jacob and Catharine Alderfer to Paul Barndt, December 1863; 9) Enos and Catharine Wambold to Henry Z. Richard, 1865; 10) Henry Z. and Elizabeth Richard to Paul Barndt, 1866; 11) Paul and Elizabeth Barndt to Isaac H. Delp, 1875, with mortgage; 12) Jonas N. and Catharine Alderfer to Isaac H. Delp, 1884.

23 11-12

Wallace G. and Ella Kulp to Stanley and Florence Kircher, Lower Frederick Township, Montgomery County, 1931.

23 13

Series B. Bound manuscripts and scrapbooks.

Subseries B1. Bound manuscripts.

Box Volume

Weiss, George (1687-1740)--manuscript hymnbook presumably lettered by Schwenkfelder minister George Weiss, containing hymns based on biblical characters.

24 1
1761 edition of C. H. von Bogatzky’s Güldenes Schatz-Kästlein, containing autographs from students of the Lutheran seminary at Halle, Germany, 1765.
Biographical/Historical note

Several of the signers later came to Pennsylvania as ministers.

24 2

Faber, John Theobald (1771-1833)--powwow notebook of Reformed minister John Theobald Faber Jr., circa 1797-1816.

24 3

Unidentified manuscript tune book, circa 1800.

24 4

Ruth, Jacob (New Britain/Doylestown, Pa.)--manuscript tune book with fraktur bookplate dated 1806.

24 5

Demuth, Julia Susan--literary notebook, York, PA, 1838.

25 1

Underkoffler (Faust), Sarah (1840-1916)--autograph book, Frederick, PA, circa 1862-1865.

25 2

Wieand, Peter (1786-1868)--(in rear of notebook) record of public sale of the property of Peter Weiand/Wieand, Frederick, PA, 1869.

25 3

Hemmig, Benjamin F.--herbology notebook, Gouglersville, PA, circa 1880.

25 4

Allebach (Alderfer), Mary G. (1866-1963)--autograph book, Sellersville, PA, circa 1886-1887.

25 5

Unidentified manuscript prayers (Lutheran, German language), 20th century.

25 6

Unidentified manuscript notes from lectures by Drs. Frick, Horne and Haas, no date.

25 7

Unidentified manuscript recipes in a business diary from Walter W. Moyer Co., Ephrata, PA, circa 1927.

25 8

Shisler, Melvin F. (1899-1984)--birthday book, circa 1920.

25 9

Fry, Emma Derstine (1897-1984)--visiting diaries, Telford, PA, 1936-1940, 1943-1946.

25 10-11

Alderfer, Allen A. (1876-1963)--diaries, Souderton, PA, 1941, 1943, 1944.

25 12-14

Troxell, William S. (1893-1957)--Pennsylvania German lecture notes of columnist “Pumpernickel Bill” (William Troxell), mid-20th century.

25 12

Subseries B2. Scrapbooks.

Box Volume

Clippings compiled by Isaac Clarence Kulp, circa 1962.

26 1-2

Pennsylvania German dialect clippings, presumably compiled by James O. Boyer, circa 1940-1950.

26 3-6
Lansdale High School activities, 1940-1941. [oversized].
Related Archival Materials note

From the Melvin F. Shisler papers (see folder 20-67).

56 5-6

Clippings, mostly obituaries from the Towamencin-Skippack (Montgomery County, PA) community, presumably compiled by William F. Kriebel, circa 1915. [oversized].

57 1

Scrapbook presumably from the family of John D. Souder, circa 1920-1930. [oversized].

57 2

Unidentified scrapbook, primarily clippings from the photo section of the New York Times, circa 1935. [oversized].

57 3

Unidentified scrapbooks, primarily newspaper clippings related to local weddings and anniversaries, circa 1950-1960. [oversized].

57 4-5

Series C. Books.

Subseries C1. Locally-owned schoolbooks, 19th century.

Scope and Contents note

Sixteen schoolbooks owned by the following (per inscription): Alvin C. Alderfer (1869-1941); Gereon H. Deisher, Kutztown School, Kutztown, PA, 1836; Mary L. Gehman, Franconia Township, PA, 1874; Aaron M. Lewis (1871-1962), Bergey’s School, Franconia Township; Benjamin Moyer; John W. Moyer and Nora Moyer, Hamburg, PA; Nelson N. Moyer and George S. Clemens; Henry B. Shisler (1860-1934); Benjamin D. Wolford, Franklin D. Wolford, Elmer B. Wolford and Hannah B. Wolford, Salfordville, PA, 1857-1892; Horace J. Ziegler (presumably J. Horace Ziegler, 1857-1928), Kulpsville, PA.


Subseries C2. Locally-owned songbooks, late 19th-early 20th century.

Scope and Contents note

Sixty songbooks owned by the following (per inscription): Benjamin Clement N. Alderfer (1883-1966), Souderton, PA; Hannah A. Alderfer, Mainland, PA, 1888, and Philip Grant S. Alderfer, Lansdale, PA; Romanus H. Alderfer (1868-1946); Samuel K. Alderfer and Elmer A. Alderfer, 1895-1951; Ada S. Anders, 1915; Amanda Bucher, Reistville, Lebanon County, PA, circa 1917; Annie H. Cassel, David H. Cassel and Elizabeth Price Cassel, Vernfield, PA, 1904-1922; Jonas N. Cassel (1881-1964); Menno S. Clemens (1872-1950), Harleysville, PA; Isaac Grimley, circa 1905; Mrs. Lizzie Ann Halteman, circa 1905; Milton L. Hershey (1895-1988); Emily B. Kratz, circa 1904-1924; Howard D. Moll, East Greenville, PA, circa 1890; Edwin L. Moyer (1883-1962), Harleysville, Pa.; Samuel M. Moyer and Sarah M. Moyer, 1884; Peace-Tohickon Lutheran Church, Perkasie, Pa., ca. 1899; Minerva A. Whitman, Heidelberg Reformed Sunday School, Schwenksville, PA, circa 1888; Franklin D. Wolford, Elmer B. Wolford and Hannah B. Wolford, Salfordville, PA, 1881-1915; John C. Ziegler, Sarah Brown Ziegler, Dora M. Ziegler and John B. Ziegler, Limerick, PA, 1904-1924; fourteen songbooks owned by Mary Jane Bechtel (1898-1989) in box 29.


Series D. Abraham H. Bergey papers.

Biographical/Historical note

Abraham H. Bergey (1876-1964) was the son of Samuel G. and Amanda Heckler Bergey. He was an amateur historian and antiquarian who lived in Harleysville, Pa. He and his wife, Catherine Wampole Bergey, were members of the Franconia Mennonite congregation. I. C. Kulp, as a young man, spent significant time with Bergey, and acquired an assortment of historical material and papers from Bergey’s estate.

Subseries D1. A. H. Bergey papers.

Box Volume

Receipt book maintained by Samuel G. Bergey for estate settlement of his mother-in-law, Annie Schueck Young, 1895-1896.

30 1

English New Testament and Psalms containing manuscript notes on the folk religious meaning of some chapters and psalms and indication of verses used at funerals of local people., early 20th century.

30 2

Catherine Wampole Bergey’s copy of Stark’s Tägliches Hand-Buch, late 19th century.

30 3

Sundry papers, including historical notes and sketches.

30 1

Subseries D2. A. H. Bergey historical manuscript collection.

Box Folder
Clemmer, Josiah S. (1827-1905)--Franconia/Souderton Mennonite Church membership record, 1888, with additions through 1904 and death records, 1888-1904.
Biographical/Historical note

Bishop in the Franconia and Souderton Mennonite congregations (at that time a single congregation); earliest known membership record for the congregation.

30 2
Gottschall, Jacob (1769-1845)--manuscript tune book, circa 1800.
Biographical/Historical note

Schoolteacher and fraktur artist; later a bishop in the Franconia Mennonite congregation.

30 3
Gottschall, Samuel K. (1808-1898)--record book, primarily of weather, with fraktur bookplate, 1837.
Biographical/Historical note

Son of bishop Jacob Gottschall; schoolteacher in Franconia Township and an accomplished fraktur artist.

30 4

Gottschall, Samuel K. (1808-1898)--clipping scrapbook, circa 1837-1892.

30 5

Gottschall, Samuel K. (1808-1898)--record of deaths, 1879-1898.

30 6

Heckler, Abraham D. (1830-1905)--ciphering books (one containing some primitive folk art), 1846-1847.

30 7

Heckler, Abraham D. (1830-1905)--manuscript letter, 1869.

30 8

Subseries D3. A. H. Bergey clippings.


Subseries D4. A. H. Bergey scrapbooks, circa 1950. [oversized].

Scope and Contents note

Newspaper clippings, obituaries, historical notes and some artwork.


Series E. Cassel-Shisler papers.

Scope and Contents note

Material from the family of Abraham H. and Elizabeth Rhoads Cassel of Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA, including many interesting letters and manuscript material. Abraham Harley Cassel (1820-1905) was a well-known historian and bibliophile. I. C. Kulp intentionally modeled his own persona after Cassel. The series contains significant material from the family of A. H. Cassel's daughter, Hannah Cassel Shisler (1858-1921). For related papers, see file 14-34 and memorial cards in file 22-5. Related photos are in files 41-7, 41-14, 46-18 and photo album #2006.4.1004.

Subseries E1. Cassel-Shisler miscellanea.

Abraham H. Cassel magnifying glass, circa 1900.
General note

Note attached: "Abraham Cassel. He was almost blind when he used this."


Sundry items and clippings.

31 1-2

Oversize items and clippings.

60 10

Subseries E2. Abraham H. Cassel papers.

Box Folder
Manuscript memorandum books, 1839-1841, 1844-1895.
Scope and Contents note

The earlier book includes a record of local Brethren baptisms, 1840-1841.

31 3-4

Baptismal certificate, signed by Elder William W. Price, 1839. [oversized].

58 16
Schoolteaching records, 1840-1846. [oversized].
Scope and Contents note

Kreeble's School, Oct 1840-Mar 1841; "Harolite" School (presumably in the old Herrite/Delp's Meetinghouse), Oct 1842-Apr 1843; Reiff's School, Nov 1844-Mar 1845; Franconiaville School, Aug 1845-Mar 1846; Cassel’s "account of boarding and lodging" for 1846.

58 17

Subseries E3. Hannah Cassel (Shisler) papers, circa 1884.


Subseries E4. Cassel-Shisler correspondence.

Box Folder
Letters from Abraham H. Cassel (21 letters), 1850-1871.
Scope and Contents note

Thirteen of these were sent home to Cassel’s family while on a trip west in 1858; published and annotated by John Baugher Bryer in Brethren Life and Thought 38:1-2 (Winter/Spring 2003), pp. 39-65; available online at

31 6

Letters from Elizabeth Rhoads Cassel (2 letters), 1858, 1877.

31 7

Letters from Amanda Cassel to her parents and family (43 letters), 1867-1891.

31 8

Letters from Hannah Cassel (Shisler) to her parents and family (64 letters), 1870-1885.

31 9

Hannah Cassel literary compositions, mailed home with correspondence, 1877-1878.

31 10

Letters received by Abraham and Elizabeth Rhoads Cassel from nephew Theodore Rhoads, 1877, and daughter Sarah Cassel Booz, 1892.

31 11

Letter from Hannah Shisler to foster son Harry Moyer, 1913.

31 12

Letters received by Sara C. Shisler, primarily from her mother Hannah Shisler (18 letters), 1916-1920.

31 13

Letters from Sara Shisler to her family, while serving as a missionary in Nigeria (4 letters), 1927-1928.

31 14

Series F. Josiah S. Renninger papers.

Biographical/Historical note

Josiah S. Renninger (1838-1919) was a Lutheran minister, native of New Hanover Township, Montgomery County, PA, who worked in several parishes throughout eastern Pennsylvania and served as treasurer of the Danville (PA) Lutheran Conference, circa 1900-1910.

Box Volume

Jacob Renninger’s copy of Erbauliche Lieder Sammlung…, Philadelphia, 1814, with calligraphy inscription.

32 1

Textbooks used by Josiah Renninger while a student at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA, 1861-1863.

32 2-4
Subscription account books associated with the Lutheran Church, circa 1865-1905.
Scope and Contents note

Including: 1) gifts for support of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia, PA, undated; 2) gifts for the financial support of J. M. Maisch, "to continue his study for the ministry,” undated; 3) gifts in support of "liquidating the debt of St. John's Ev. Luth. Parsonage between now (Nov. 3rd, 1901) and January 1st, A.D. 1902" (no subscriptions are listed); 4) gifts in support of "our missions in far away India," ca. 1905 (not all gifts were monetary; material goods are listed as well).

32 5-8

Bankbook and checkbooks for an account with First National Bank of Elizabethville, PA, 1903-1904, 1907.

32 9-11

Receipt books for the treasury of the Danville (PA) Lutheran Conference, 1906-1907.

32 12-13

Josiah Renninger diary, 1912.

32 14

Josiah Renninger sermon notes, circa 1911-1919.

32 15

Josiah Renninger notebook containing a “treatise on surveying,” 1854, notes from lectures at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, 1862, and memoirs, circa 1906.

33 1

Josiah Renninger manuscript ledger containing financial and schoolteaching records, 1854.

33 2

Josiah Renninger manuscript notes from lectures at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, 1861-1862.

33 3-5

Josiah Renninger manuscript obituaries and sermon notes (German script), circa 1878-1882.

33 6

Book of marriage certificates, partially used and containing minister's receipts for 24 marriages conducted by J. S. Renninger in Lehigh County, PA, 1893-1898.

33 7

Bertha A. Renninger manuscript notebook, Hagerstown Female Seminary, Hagerstown, MD, 1883.

33 8

Peter Renninger (J. S. Renninger’s father) financial records, 1841-1853, 1861.

33 9-10

Sundry papers (including calligraphy family records for Peter Renninger).

33 1-2