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Archibald Elias collection of manuscripts

Ms. Coll. 1085

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Elias, Archibald C., 1944-
Archibald Elias collection of manuscripts
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Ms. Coll. 1085
0.4 linear foot (1 box)
This collection consists of manuscripts and papers relating primarily to seveententh and eighteenth century Ireland and Great Britain formerly owned by A.C. Elias, a literary scholar who wrote extensively on Jonathan Swift and his circle.
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Archibald Elias collection of manuscripts, 1681-2000 (bulk: 1681-1760), Ms. Coll. 1085, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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Archibald Cameron Elias Jr. (1944-2008) was a literary scholar who wrote extensively on the writer Jonathan Swift and his circle with a special interest in the extended family of Sir William Temple. Dr. Elias' books include Swift at Moor Park (1982) and the  Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington (1997). His collection reflected his interest in 17th and 18th century Irish and English literature and in addition to the materials listed here he also owned a number of bound manuscript volumes which are cataloged separately.

Scope and Contents

The first part "Separate Documents and Letters" are those manuscripts which were clearly acquired separately by Elias and which stand on their own as discrete items. These include a 1711 letter to Jonathan Swift, a copy and notes on another Swift letter, as well as notes on the various documents by Elias.

The second part "Fragments and other manuscripts" are those documents found mixed together and whose original state, and to a large part, authorship, is unknown. These fragments are divided by content and genre but judging by physical evidence and similarity in handwriting may once have been part of one or several commonplace albums. These fragments consist of copied epitaphs, manuscript sermons, assorted copies of verse from prominent classical and contemporary authors, and copies of varied correspondence. Among the longer documents are a sermon on the death of Sir Thomas Gifford, a small booklet of commonplaced extracts, a copy of a 1681 address by Sir William Temple, and a bound booklet containing a poem by Benjamin Stillingfleet. At least two of the fragments are related to or in the hand of the scholar and critic Montagu Bacon.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2016 March 21

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Mitch Fraas, Clemence Scouten, and Rive Cadwallader

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use Restrictions

Copyright restrictions may exist. For most library holdings, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania do not hold copyright. It is the responsibility of the requester to seek permission from the holder of the copyright to reproduce material from the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts.

Source of Acquisition

Gift of the Archibald Cameron Elias, Jr. (1944-2008) estate.

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Controlled Access Headings

  • Correspondence
  • Epitaphs
  • Poems
  • Sermons
  • Wills
Personal Name(s)
  • Bacon, Montagu, 1688–1749
  • Palmerston, Henry Temple, 1673-1757
  • Stillingfleet, Benjamin, 1702-1771
  • Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745
  • Temple, William, 1628-1699
  • Authors
  • Authors, American--20th century
  • English literature--18th century
  • Irish literature--18th century
  • Literature
  • Poetry
  • Poetry--18th century

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Seperate documents and letters, 1702-2000.

Arrangement note

These items were stored as discrete pieces in envelopes or folders by Elias.

Box Folder

"Bishop Burnet's Character of the Marquis of Halifax" manuscript fragment noted found by Elias in Volume I of a copy of Clarendon's rebellion (Oxford, 1704) likely now Penn call# DA400.C58 1704, 1714. 1 leaf.

1 1

Letter from John Temple to William Flower in Leiden, circa 1702-1706. 1 leaf.

1 2

Transcription of the letter from Temple to Flower as well as notes by Elias on its contents, 1992. 4 leaves.

1 2

Discharge from Parliament to John Baker and Abele Boyer for pretending to print House of Commons debates, 1711 March 12. 1 leaf.

1 3

Transcription of the Parliamentary discharge above as well as a description and envelope addressed to Elias from the bookseller Hofmann & Freeman, 1982. 2 items.

1 3

Letter from Henry Disney (Henry Desaulnais, 1675-1731) to Jonathan Swift on the stabbing of Robert Harley by Antoine de Guiscard., 1711 March 13. 1 leaf.

1 4

Correspondence and notes on the 1711 Disney letter. Including a transcription and an account of the delivery of the letter to Elias from W.A.N. Figgis, 1984. 1 folder.

1 5

Will of Henry Temple Palmerston (1673-1757) with Xerox copy of the same, 1754 October 26.

1 6

Two codicils to the will of Henry Palmerston, 1756 November 27. 2 leaves.

1 6

Copy of a letter from Jonathan Swift to Lady Frances Worsley, copied circa 1775-1795. 1 leaf.

1 7

Notes on the Swift to Worsley letter as well as a transcription and description by the bookseller Michael Silverman, 2000. 4 leaves.

1 7

Series II. Fragments and other manuscripts.

Arrangement note

The documents in this series were housed together by Elias and their relationship to each other is unclear. Some appear to be disbound from a commonplace volume and mixed as there are a few distinguishable hands throughout. The arrangement of de-contextualized loose sheets here is based on content and has been done by the cataloger.

Epitaphs and inscriptions., undated (18th century).

Box Folder

Epitaph on Bishop Warburton in Gloucester Cathedral, circa 1800s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph on John Hough D.D. Bishop of Worcester, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Encomium on John ___ of Oxford. In Latin, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph on Sir Isaac Newton, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph of Frances Viscountess Palmerston, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Latin Verses on the death of Lucen Ann, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph by Rev. Mr. __ and designed for his wife, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaphs upon Almansor Emperor of Arabia, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph of Mr. Thomas Stratton at Ponder's End Middlesex, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Inscription for a medal after the Battle of Culloden, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Epitaph of Lady Gawdye, Medgrave Church, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Mrs. Trapp's Epitaph, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Tribute to the memory of Thomas Hayter D.D. Bishop of Norwich, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Huntsman's Epitaph from the church of Margam, Glamorganshire / Epitaph on Evan Rice/ Translated by Dr. Swift, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Ode on the Death of General Wolfe, circa 1700s. 1 leaf.

1 8

Sermons and other religious fragments.

Box Folder

Prose on God. Copied from a manuscript of William Temple, after 1658. 1 leaf.

1 9

Scripture passages and sermon notes, 1686 November 7. 1 leaf.

1 10

Sermon on Colossians 1:14 preached at Coddenham and Ash-bocking. 19 pp., 1696-1701. 1 folder.

1 11

Copy of a Curious old Sermon (Funeral) AD 1700 Occasioned on the death of the Rev. Mr. Proctor (12 pp.), after 1700. 1 folder.

1 12

Sermon or scripture notes. (20 pp.), circa 1704-1714. 1 folder.

1 13

Dutch sermon entitled "Over het navolgen van God", 1766 December 11. 1 folder.

1 14

Funeral Sermon on the Death of Sir Thomas Gifford (16 pp.), undated. 1 folder.

1 15

Passages upon the Holy Scripture upon which are grounded the Principal parts of Religion (7 pp.), undated. 1 folder.

1 16

A dayly litany for the morning, translated out of St. Chrysostom, undated. 1 leaf.

1 17

Barrow of a peaceable temper and carriage, undated. 1 leaf.

1 18

Kennet's Paraphrase of the 3rd Chap of the Revelations sent to Mrs. Temple, undated. 1 leaf.

1 19

Manuscript of Rev. Belthazar Gordeman. "To the Question proposed, How to know ye Sincerity of our Repentance", undated. 1 leaf.

1 20

God is the ruler of the whole earth, undated. 2 leaves.

1 21

Assorted notes and prayers including "Error in translation of Baptistes" and "The Shakings of the Quakers", undated. 5 leaves.

1 22

Verse fragments.

Box Folder

Commonplace selection of verse from Lucretius, Lucan, Epictetus, Waller, Rosscommon, and Spenser, undated. 3 leaves.

1 23

Martial's Chaste Lavinia translated along with Sandy's translation as well as passages in imitation of Martial's Lavinia, undated. 1 leaf.

1 24

Horace's ode to Leucon. Book 1.11, undated. 1 leaf.

1 25

Dryden translation of a verse from Lucretius, undated. 1 leaf.

1 26

Passage from Dryden's Mac Flecknoe as well as Cowley's Davideis, undated. 1 leaf.

1 27

Passages from Cowley's Davideis and others, undated. 1 leaf.

1 28

Excerpts from Milton, Dryden, Shakespeare, Addison, Cowley, etc. (16 pp.), undated. 1 folder.

1 29

Song to Phyllis by the Earl of Dorset, undated. 1 leaf.

1 30

Verses occasioned by Lady Pomfret's present of statutes to the University of Oxford, undated. 2 leaves.

1 31

Verse in the hand of Montagu Bacon Esq., undated. 1 leaf.

1 32

Horace's Ode to Pirrha imitated. Written at the time of the taking of Porto Bello, undated. 1 leaf.

1 33

"Song. The Feathers", undated. 1 leaf.

1 34

An occasional Prologue to the Beaux Stratagem, undated. 1 leaf.

1 35

Bound marbled-paper booklet entitled "True Taste, a poem by the late Benjamin Stillingfleet" (20 pp.), after 1770. 1 folder.

1 36

17 sheets of verse. All in the same hand, undated. 1 folder.

1 37

Verses on love, undated. 1 leaf.

1 38

Verse fragments including quotations from Martial and others. In Latin and English, undated. 7 leaves.

1 39

Letters and other prose.

Box Folder

Sir William Temple. Formerly bound address "Written for the Satisfaction of my Friends hereafter upon the grounds of my Retirement a resolution never to meddle again with any Publique Affaird from this present Febr. 1681" detailing political events from 1679-1680. (34 pp.), 1681. 1 folder.

1 40

Relation des derniers discours et de la mort de Mme la Comtesse de Marsay (1719). Copied printed text. (12 pp.), 1719. 1 folder.

1 41

Letter from Thomas Tilbury to his father, 1739 August 11. 1 leaf.

1 42

Letter to General Churchill, 1743. 1 leaf.

1 43

Letter from Reverand Richard Hurd, Bishop of Worcester to Reverand Mr. Potter, 1753 May 10. 1 leaf.

1 44

Anonymous letter of admonishment, 1756 May 3. 1 folder.

1 45

Letter of Christina Queen of Sweeden after her abdication 1654, after 1654. 1 folder.

1 46

Leaves from a small booklet including "Letter to a woman" by Temple as well as "Scipio's Dreame out of Cicero translated by my Lady Gifford" and other fragments All of these leaves bear identical stitching holes and were likely once bound together, undated. 18 leaves.

1 47

Notes and passages from Milton, undated. 9 leaves.

1 48

Notes on Amber-gris and amber from Francis Peck's New Memoirs of Milton, undated. 1 leaf.

1 49

"Observations on some works of Voltaire", undated. 4 leaves.

1 50

Remarks upon Cowley's Davideis by Montagu Bacon, Esq, undated. 4 leaves.

1 51

Notes and excerpts from Kennet's memoirs, undated. 2 leaves.

1 52

Thoughts on a funny translation, undated. 1 leaf.

1 53

On Leap Years, undated. 1 leaf.

1 54

Account of the family of Cromwell, undated. 1 leaf.

1 55

French recipe for rabbit. Docketed in English, undated. 1 leaf.

1 56

Unidentified correspondence about a woman. In French, undated. 1 leaf.

1 57

Scrap containing Latin excerpts and "Banter of Rablais upon the Library of St. Victor", undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

"They deserve to be highly praised..." Encomium attributed to Paulo Manutio, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Excerpts from Fletcher and others, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Notes on the poet Sir Edmund Waller, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Shepherd of Banbury's Prognostications on the Weather, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Excerpt from a statute on eccelesiastical residences. Latin. Docketed in English "Statute of Archp. Laud in Charles 1st's Reign", undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Latin address to Rev. T. Chapman, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Notes on the twelve gods of the Zodiac and Roman feasts, undated. 1 leaf.

1 58

Wrapper labeled "La. G's Letter and Essay on Friendship", undated. 1 leaf.

1 58