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Jerusalem -- Vallée des Tombeaux de Josaphat
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Jerusalem -- Vallée des Tombeaux de Josaphat
Jerusalem -- Vallée des Tombeaux de Josaphat [Graphic]
Photochrome Zürich
Valley Of Jehosaphat
Tomb Of Absalom
Tomb Of St. James
Tomb Of Zechariah
Church Of Mary Magdalene
Object Details:
1 photograph : color ; 22.5 x 16.3 cm ( 8.75 x 6.375 in).
Mounted on matte with another photograph on the back; "15,035 P.Z.", title and location areprinted in gold on the photograph; "A.& M.P." stamped on matte; handwritten in pencil on the matte: "170," "Mt. of Olives," "Rock Bed of the Kedron P.H. 234 Bridge leads to the Way of the Captivity," "Tomb of Absalom Tomb of Josaphat behind it P.H. 234-5," "Tomb of St. James the Less P.H. 236," and "Tomb of Zacharias, Son of Barachias P.H. 237."
Tombs and the Russian Orthodox Church on the hillside of the Mount of Olives
CAJS Image Collection XAT PZ 2857 XAT3
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries