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Aedicula B.M.V. Contremiscenti dicata, Nazareth
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Aedicula B.M.V. Contremiscenti dicata, Nazareth [Graphic]
Translated Title:
[Edicule Blessed Virgin Mary said to be quaking, Nazareth]
Album Palestino-Seraphicum. SS. Locorum prospectum, religiosa domicilia, elementares pro utroque sexu scholas, aliaque opera Seraphicae Terrae Sanctae Custodiae referens. Jerusalem MDCCCLXXXII.
Object Details:
1 photograph : albumen ; 22 x 16.5 cm ( 8.75 x 6.5 in).
Album contains mounted photographs with captions in Italian with a decorated border; "Beatissimo Patri Leoni XIII Pontifici o.m. cuius mens cor vires in rem christianam orientis ut plurimum versantur solemniis saecularibus VII recurrentibus ab ortu faustissimo seraphici minorum patris album istud non dignum sane et absolutum conditionibus loci meliora haud exhibentibus franciscalis terrae s custodia humillime offert dicat" is printed on the second page of the album; "Desunt quatuor Scholae Elementares et Hospitium Sidonis" is printed on paper affixed inside the back cover; numbered (45) on both the photograph and the matte
Exterior of the church with four people outside, including the priest
Scanning Notes:
Jesus Table Church
Classification ID:
CAJS Image Collection ABC ANO 3356 ABC47
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Geographical Location:
Nazareth (Israel)

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Category: Jesus Table Church
Creator: Unidentified
Physical description: photograph
Title: Aedicula B.M.V. Contremiscenti dicata, Nazareth