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Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, from Mount of Olives, Palestine
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110214e1903 xx nnn i|eng u
__|a  (CAJSImage)[system control number to record digital location]
__|a  540UND/BA30
2_|a  Underwood & Underwood |4  Photographer
00|a  Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, from Mount of Olives, Palestine |h  [Graphic]
1_|a  The Life of Christ Through the Stereoscope
__|c  1903.
__|a  1 stereoscopic card : |b  albumen ; |c  15.4 x 8.1 cm ( 6 x 3.25 in).
__|a  Stereoscopic cards were originally housed in a box which looks like two books; the box is labeled "The Life of Christ Through the Stereoscope" and each of the "books" is marked either "Volume I" or "Volume II" and "Underwood & Underwood" ; the card is numbered at the bottom with its location (30) in the box ; the publisher's name and locations (New York, London, Toronto-Canada, and Ottawa-Kansas) are listed on the left side of the card; "Works and Studios" for "Sun Sculpture" is printed on the right end of the card with their locations (Arlington and Westwood, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.); and the title and copyright date (1903) are printed at the bottom of the card; a book entitled, "The Travel Lessons on the Life of Jesus" by William Byron Forbush (Second Edition, Revised; published by Underwood & Underwood, 1905) accompanies the stereoscopic cards; see 564UND/BB18 (Voyager # 323674)
__|a  View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives with the Russian Orthodox Church in the foreground
__|a  1
__|a  Printed: "We are standing on the Mount of Olives, just behind a modern Russian church, looking directly west across the valley of the Brook Kedron to Mount Moriah and the walled city of Jerusalem. The walled enclosure down in the valley at the right of this Russian church is the Garden of Gethsemane, with its cypress and ancient olive trees. Bethlehem is only six miles away at our left (S.W.); the Sea of Galilee is 70 miles distant at our right; 16 miles behind us the Jordan pours its waters into the Dead Sea; beyond Jerusalem, in the direction in which we are standing now, stand the mountains, and then below their farther slopes the plains of Sharon, and then the shores of the Mediterranean less than 40 miles from here in a straight line. [new paragraph] 'Across the valley and under the wall do you see the army of gravestones where innumerable Mohammedans lie buried? Do you notice in the wall, almost in the middle of our range of vision, an elevation having a double arch under it? That is the Golden Gate, which the Turks have walled up because of a tradition that through this gate a conqueror, not of their faith, shall some day enter and possess the city. That large, open square beyond the wall, directly before us, is the most interesting spot in all this city, for on it stands the Dome of the Rock, that large octagonal building. How much of sacred history clusters around that rocky hill! On that plateau, perhaps on the very rock under that dome, Abraham laid his son Isaac upon the altar. There, a thousand years later, was Araunah's threshing-floor which David bought for an altar place, consecrated for all time by the Temple that rose in front of it. Before that altar Solomon stood and Hezekiah prayed, and Isaiah beheld his glorious vision.' [new paragraph] (See 'Traveling in the Holy Land Through the Stereoscope,' by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, D.D., with special 'keyed' maps, published by Underwood & Underwood.) [new paragraph] From Notes of Travel No. 11, copyright 1904 by Underwood & Underwood." The title, "Jerusalem, the City of the Great King," is printed in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek.
__|a  Good
__|a  [scanning note]
20|a  Mosque of Omar (Jerusalem)
_4|a  Church of Mary Magdalene
_0|a  Golden Gate (Jerusalem)
_0|a  Israel
_0|a  Jerusalem (Israel)
_0|a  Mount of Olives (Israel)
__|4  Provenance |g  Sotheby's |d  1981/03/27
2_|a  Underwood & Underwood |4  Publisher
2_|a  Holy Land Image Collection
2_|a  Lenkin Photo Image Collection
0_|t  CAJS Image Collection |g  BA |l  UND |m  540 |n  BA30
0_|t  The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

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Category: Church Of Mary Magdalene
Category: Golden Gate (Jerusalem)
Year: 1903
Creator: Underwood & Underwood
Physical description: stereoscopic card
Title: Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, from Mount of Olives, Palestine