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Bedouin Village near Cæsarea Philippi
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Bedouin Village near Cæsarea Philippi [Graphic]
St. Louis, 1894.
Bain, Robert E. M
Cæsarea Philippi
Bedouin Village
Object Details:
1 photograph : b&w ; 25.4 x 18.3 cm ( 10 x 7.125 in).
Photograph is in a book with a description beneath ; printed description: "(Luke, ix:39.)-This scene in a Bedouin village, near Cæsarea Philippi, shows us people who are very much like those living in the same region in the time of our Savior. These people are often to-day diseased with afflictions they do not understand and that they have no means of relieving. They are so ignorant as to suppose that any medicine is sufficient to alleviate and cure them of their diseases. Refusing the spiritual help that our Lord brought to them, they have continued through all the centuries to suffer from the bodily ailments that flesh is heir to. Those that accept the spiritual offers of Jesus Christ have light and wisdom given to them, by which they are able to discern the herbs and minerals which are necessary to relieve their afflicted bodies."
A group of people stand outside their black tents; at right is a hut made of mats of woven material
CAJS Image Collection LVii BAI 5477 LVii203CAJS
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

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Category: Bedouin Village
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Year: 1894
Creator: Bain, Robert E. M
Physical description: photograph
Title: Bedouin Village near Caesarea Philippi