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'The New Calvary,' outside the Damascus Gate, from the northern wall
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110201e1901 xx nnn i|eng u
__|a  (CAJSImage)[system control number to record digital location]
__|a  572UND/BB26
2_|a  Underwood & Underwood |4  Photographer
00|a  "The New Calvary," outside the Damascus Gate, from the northern wall |h  [Graphic]
1_|a  Palestine Through the Stereoscope
__|c  1901.
__|a  1 stereoscopic card : |b  albumen ; |c  15.4 x 8.1 cm ( 6 x 3.25 in).
__|a  Stereoscopic cards were originally housed in a box which looks like two books; the box is labeled "Palestine Through the Stereoscope" and each of the "books" is marked either "Volume I" or "Volume II" and "Underwood & Underwood"; the card is numbered at the top and bottom with its location (26) in the box and with the photographic number (3105) ; the publisher's name and locations (New York, London, Toronto-Canada, and Ottawa-Kansas) are listed on the left side of the card; "Works and Studios" for "Sun Sculpture" is listed on the right end of the card with their locations (Arlington and Westwood, New Jersey); the title and copyright date (1901) are printed at the bottom of the card; see 544UND/BA34 (Voyager # 326124).
__|a  Several people are on a roof or wall with the caves of Golgotha behind them. In the far background there are a number of stone buildings.
__|a  1
__|a  The title, "The 'New Calvary' outside the Damascus Gate, Jerusalem", is printed in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek. Printed on the back: "We are standing on the northern wall of the old city, looking off straight towards Samaria and Galilee. Nazareth is between seventy and eighty miles away beyond that distant horizon. The Mount of Olives is three-quarters of a mile away [ever] east of the city (right). The traditional Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holy ground for which the Crusades were fought, is a little more than a quarter of a mile away behind us within the present limits of the city. [new paragraph] 'Look on that rounded, grassy knoll, with the two caverns yawning under it. There are hints which point to this place as the Hill of Calvary, far more strongly than to the traditional 'Holy Sepulchre.' We know that Jesus was crucified outside the city, and this has always been without the wall, while the other 'Calvary' may have been enclosed within it. The resemblance of that elevation, with its two caves, to a human skull, with its two eye-sockets, might have suggested the name of Golgotha, 'skull-like.' Moreover, we know the cross was planted in a public place, near to the city, and this is beside the Damascus road, one of the most frequented in all the land. Then, from early Jewish writings, we learn that this hill, north of the city, was given up to executions. [new paragraph] If indeed this be 'the place called Calvary,' then it is the centre of the Christian world. Picture to yourself three crosses yonder, with One innocent in the centre; see the circle of Jewish enemies and Roman soldiers around Him, the sorrow-smitten mother, the sympathizing women. [new paragraph] At the extreme left do you see an enclosed garden, and beyond a cliff in the shadow? At the bottom of the cliff you can see a small, dark spot. This is the entrance to a tomb discovered by General Gordon; it is hollowed out of the rock, and has been named the "Tomb of our Lord.'' [new paragraph] From Travelling in the Holy Land through the Stereoscope, with special 'keyed' maps locating the chosen standpoints, and identifying all the landmarks; published by Underwood & Underwood."
__|a  Good
__|a  From Lazard's notecards: "presque identique à 544UND/BA34"
__|a  [scanning note]
_4|a  Golgotha
_4|a  Gordon's Calvary
_0|a  Israel
_0|a  Jerusalem
__|4  Provenance |g  Sotheby's |d  1981/03/27
2_|a  Underwood & Underwood |4  Publisher
2_|a  Holy Land Image Collection
2_|a  Lenkin Photo Image Collection
0_|t  CAJS Image Collection |g  BB |l  UND |m  572 |n  BB26
0_|t  The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

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Category: Golgotha
Category: Gordon's Calvary
Year: 1901
Creator: Underwood & Underwood
Physical description: stereoscopic card
Title: 'The New Calvary,' outside the Damascus Gate, from the northern wall