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Egypt :
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Good, Frank Mason
Egypt : The Great Pyramid and Sphinx [Graphic]
Object Details:
1 photocopy : b&w ; 21.1 x 15.9 cm ( 8.375 x 6.25 in).
Photocopy of a photograph is mounted with a label beneath which contains a description of the subject, title, location and series number (1034) ; also a "4" is handwritten in a corner; Printed Description: "The Great Pyramid, or Pyramid of Cheops-Suphis, built more than 2000 years before Christ. At present the base measures 746 feet, and the perpendicular height 750 feet. The loss of the casing has lowered it some 50 feet. The area covered is about that of Lincoln's Inn Fields, or more than twice the area of St. Peter's at Rome. It was opened by Caliph Mamoon (i.e. the Baboon), son of the famous Haroun Alraschid, about A.D. 820, in the hope of finding treasure. The sphinx is hewn out of the solid rock, excepting the fore legs and the casing of part of the back. It was constructed by Thothmes III or IV, about B.C. 1450, when the pyramids were already old. The Arabs call it Aboolhol, 'Father of Terror,' with 'its sad, serious gaze and big pouting lips.' From the belly to the top of the head it measures 62 feet, and in length 143 feet. Between the paws, which alone extend 50 feet, an altar was erected. The head was formerly surmounted by the ram's horn and feather, i.e. the pshent or united crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, showing that the Sphinx is the emblem of royalty."
The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and several Egyptians with a camel
Scanning Notes:
Great Pyramid (Egypt)
Great Sphinx (Egypt)
Classification ID:
CAJS Image Collection RD GOO R341 RD73
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Geographical Location:

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Category: Great Pyramid (Egypt)
Category: Great Sphinx (Egypt)
Creator: Good, Frank Mason
Physical description: photocopy
Title: Egypt :