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Oversize LJS 419 - Erbario
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Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection: Oversize LJS 419 - Erbario    Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection: Oversize LJS 419 - Erbario
Erbario [manuscript].
[Italy, 14--]
Physical description:
100 leaves : paper ; 245 x 176 mm. bound to 254 x 190 mm.
Illustrated herbal with three styles of illustration: one group of illustrations following medieval conventions, sometimes with fantastic elements such as human faces, on recto pages through most of the manuscript; another, rougher but more generally somewhat more naturalistic group in ink outline, on verso pages or added alongside earlier color illustrations; and a third group of naturalistic color illustrations of plants including roots, leaves, flowers and fruit on verso pages. Approximately a quarter of the illustrations are accompanied by notes on medicinal properties and preparations of the plants, written in the same ink as the ink outline illustrations, mostly in Italian (the Italian usage suggests the text was written in the Veneto), but occasionally in Latin or a mix of both languages; the notes are written around and sometimes over the illustrations.
Ms. codex.
Title from upper cover.
Collation: Paper, 100; 1¹ 2¹⁰(-1) 3-10⁸ 11³ 12⁸(-1) 13-14⁸; [i], 1-99, foliation in ink, upper right recto.
Script: Written in humanistic cursive script.
Decoration: 192 botanical illustrations, most in color, but some in ink outline.
Binding: Contemporary (15th-century) limp parchment; remnants of ties on 3 sides; Erbario in ink on upper cover.
Origin: Written in northern Italy in the 15th century.
Cite as:
Oversize LJS 419
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Oversize LJS 419
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