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Ms. Codex 1087 - Teutonic Knights - [Rule, statutes, and customs of the Teutonic Order]
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Teutonic Knights.
[Rule, statutes, and customs of the Teutonic Order] [manuscript].
[Germany, 14--]
Physical description:
23 leaves : paper ; 273 x 203 (203 x 150-155) mm. bound to 276 x 205 mm. + 1 note.
Mostly German, with benedictions in Latin (f. 22v-23r).
The rule, statutes, and customs of the Teutonic Order (Deutschen Orden), also known as the Teutonic Knights, or Brothers, of the Hospital of St. Mary of the German House in Jerusalem, in 3 parts: 1. The rule and life of the order (f. 2v-8v), including a prologue (f. 2v-3r) that discusses the order's founding in 1190, 2. the statutes, or laws, of the order (f. 9r-16r), 3. and the customs, or other laws (alia statuta), of the order (f. 16r-22r). The conclusion of the third section is followed by papal and imperial indulgences, or confirmations (f. 22r-22v), and then by papal benedictions in Latin (f. 22v-23r). The codex includes a table of contents (f. 1r-2r), with references only to section numbers, rather than to page or leaf numbers. The manuscript seems to have been part of a larger work (Sterns); the remnants of a finding tab (f. 2) mark the beginning of the text.
1. f.2v-8v: Dÿ Regel und Leben der Bruder Sancte Marie des Deutschen Ordens von Jherusalem.
2. f.9r-16r: Di Statuten des selbigen Ordens.
3. f.16r-22r: Alia statuta.
4. f.22r-23r: [Ancillary papal and imperial pronouncements]
Sold by Bernard M. Rosenthal (New York), 1954.
Teutonic Knights - History - Sources.
Teutonic Knights - Privileges and immunities.
Form / Genre:
Finding tabs.
Manuscripts, German - 15th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
A note found with the manuscript, perhaps dating from the 19th century, claims that the manuscript once belonged to the Commandery of Beuggen, but no evidence in the manuscript appears to support this claim.
Collation: Paper, i (modern paper) + 23 + i (modern paper); 1¹¹(+ 10, f. 10, the other end of which is pasted down on f. 2r) 2¹²; [1-23]; modern pencil foliation, upper right recto.
Layout: Written in 44-58 long lines.
Script: Written in a German cursive hand.
Decoration: 2-line initials in red at beginnings of sections; rubrics in red. Initial letters of sentences generally stroked with red.
Binding: Modern half vellum.
Origin: Written in Germany in the 15th century (Zacour-Hirsch).
Indexed / Referenced in:
Described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965), p. 80 (Ms. German 10).
Publications of or about this material:
Sterns, Indrikis. The statutes of the Teutonic Knights: a study of religious chivalry (Ph. D. thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1969), pp. 325-329.
Other Titles:
Statuten des Deutschen Ordens
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1087
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1087

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Collection: Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: No
Illustrated: No
Notated: No
Language: German
Century: 15th century
Date: 1400
Genre: Codices
Genre: Finding tabs
Genre: Manuscripts, German - 15th century
Genre: Manuscripts, Renaissance
Subject: History
Subject: Privileges and immunities
Subject: Teutonic Knights
Author: Teutonic Knights
Page material: Paper