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Ms. Codex 252 - [Recipe book]
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05135ctc a2200613Ia 4500
950908q16001710pau 000 0 eng d
__|a  (OCoLC)ocn155964058
__|a  (OCoLC)155964058
__|a  (CStRLIN)PAUR95-A305
__|a  (PU)1580840-penndb-Voyager
__|a  PU |e  amremm |c  PAULM |d  PAULM
__|a  PAUM
__|a  ocm80199476
_9|a  Ms. Codex 252
00|a  [Recipe book] |h  [manuscript].
13|a  Maddison Family Receipt Book
__|a  [England, |c  ca. 1600-1710]
__|a  149 leaves : |b  paper ; |c  182 x 250 mm. bound to 188 x 254 mm.
__|a  Ms. codex.
__|a  Title supplied by cataloger.
__|a  Dates in several places in the manuscript, 1663-1688. The earliest hand appears to date from the early 17th century. A list of clothing belonging to Mary Maddison is dated 1673. Ownership inscription inside upper cover dated 24 June 1675; last date in manuscript is an ownership inscription on an inside leaf, John Cranford, 1710, p. 243.
__|a  Pagination: Paper, 149 leaves; 1-46, 53-67, 67-76, 78-85, 87-98, 100, 100-212, [i], 213-295; contemporary pagination in ink, upper left corner of each page, until p. 257; from p. 259, pagination continued in modern pencil numerals, upper left corner of every odd-numbered page. The first ten leaves are also independently foliated in a contemporary hand. There are stubs between several of the leaves, indicating missing or torn out leaves, but the pagination was done after the leaves had been removed, since it does not take the missing leaves into account.
__|a  Script: Written in various cursive scripts by several hands. The endpapers and endleaf contain miscellaneous notes and pen trials.
__|a  Binding: 17th-century (?) stamped leather binding with gilding. Cover worn at hinges. Both boards completely detached as well as first and last quires. Many leaves frayed and worn at the edges. Many stains and smudges. Half of the last folio (pp. 295-[296]) missing.
__|a  Origin: Written in England, 1600-1710.
__|a  Contains five leaves laid in at various places: between p. 58-59, 185-186, 197-198 (2 ll. laid in) and 288-289. Four of the inlaid leaves appear to be contemporary with the manuscript or slightly later; the fifth is a 20th-century typewritten page.
__|a  Access to this item is subject to staff review.
4_|a  Described in Theophano, Janet. Household Words: Women Write from and for the Kitchen, an exhibition of materials selected from the Esther B. Aresty Collection of Rare Books on the Culinary Arts (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt Library, 1996), |c  p. 6 (No. 1).
__|a  Manuscript compilation primarily comprising medical recipes including prescriptions for named individuals, the earliest are attributed to Martyn Hill. There are also a number of culinary recipes and recipes for mead, wine, etc., plus a few verses, proverbs, accounts, and lists. Recipes are attributed to a number of named individuals including Doctors Stephens, Rantt, Garth, and Smithston; Lady Paget, Lord and Lady Howard, Lady Swain, Lady Widderington, Lady Portman, Lady Barkshire, Lady Rudston, the Duchess of Cleveland, the Countess of Kent, the Countess of Manchester; and a number of other men and women including Michael Scott, Charles Carborrowes, Sir Edward Bainton; and others with the surnames Crane, William, Anwell, Hillton, Clarke, Simes, Sandalle, Cocker, Harcourt, Harriss, Morgan, Ettick, Eton, Shaft, Young, Dutton, Hescot, Briscoe, Proctor, Townsend, Warpoole, Gramer, Matthers, Wyett, Eadward, Attwood, Marshall, Allibon, Douglass, Yeats, Hennage, Webb, Skelton, Snape, Thornton, Grinewell, Fasburey, cousin Swineburn, and more. The names of Morison family members are written on the inside cover.
__|a  UPenn Ms. Codex 252.
1_|a  Inside upper cover contains ownership inscription of Chr. Maddison, 24 June 1675; John Cranford, 1710.
1_|a  Gift of Esther Bradford Aresty, 1994.
10|a  Maddison, Mary.
_0|a  Cooking, English |v  Early works to 1800.
_0|a  Herbs |x  Therapeutic use |v  Early works to 1800.
_0|a  Traditional medicine |v  Formulae, receipts, prescriptions |x  Early works to 1800.
_0|a  Wine and wine making |v  Early works to 1800.
_7|a  Accounts. |2  aat
_7|a  Codices. |2  aat
_7|a  Cookbooks. |2  aat
_7|a  Recipes. |2  aat
_7|a  Prescriptions. |2  aat
_0|a  Manuscripts, English |y  17th century.
_0|a  Manuscripts, English |y  18th century.
_0|a  Manuscripts, European.
1_|a  Maddison, Chr., |e  former owner.
3_|a  Morison family, |e  former owner.
1_|a  Cranford, John, |e  former owner.
__|b  Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts |a  University of Pennsylvania |e  3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206. |j  Ms. Codex 252
__|a  C0 |b  PAULM
__|a  DLA |b  20110919

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Collection: Other
Facsimile: Yes
Illuminated: No
Illustrated: No
Notated: No
Language: English
Century: 17th century
Century: 18th century
Date: 1600
Genre: Codices
Genre: Cookbooks
Genre: Manuscripts, English - 17th century
Genre: Manuscripts, English - 18th century
Genre: Manuscripts, European
Subject: Accounts
Subject: Cooking, English
Subject: Early works to 1800
Subject: Herbs
Subject: Maddison, Mary
Related names: Cranford, John, former owner
Related names: Maddison, Chr., former owner
Related names: Morison family, former owner
Page material: Paper