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It is when a project is nearly finished that one realizes just how many people are involved in bringing such an undertaking to fruition. This presentation of the Mary Binney Wheeler Collection would not have been possible without the unwavering support and concerted efforts of the following individuals:

Ms. Joan Wheeler Mackie Mary Binney Wheeler's daughter, first generously offered her mother's collection of materials relating to her work in South Asia and then provided the funding which enabled the project to become a reality.
Mr. David Nelson South Asia Studies Librarian, was project lead and deeply thanks all those who contributed their time and talents to the successful completion of the project.
Prof. Michael Meister W. Norman Brown Professor of South Asia Studies and Professor of South Asian Art, longtime friend of Mary Binney Wheeler's, was responsible for bringing the collection to Penn and was an early advocate for getting it online and available not only to the Penn community, but to the global Web community.
Mr. David McKnight Director, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, was an early and enthusiastic booster for the project, provided much needed expert advice, and supplied the staff for scanning the images.
Ms. Delphine Khanna Digital Projects Librarian, provided the guidance to bring to completion a project of this sort and continually asked the necessary questions and prodded the team.
Ms. Rachelle Nelson Head, Shared Cataloging, ensured that the bibliographic descriptions adhered to the local and national cataloging standards and was an invaluable voice for the selection of appropriate metadata.
Mr. Dennis Mullen Web Developer and Designer, brought his considerable design skills to the project giving the site an appearance commensurate with the theme of the Mary Binney Wheeler collection; he is responsible for the design and implementation of the current online interface.
Ms. Leslie Vallhonrat Web Unit Manager, provided critical web design support and made valuable suggestions for enhancing the website.
Ms. Laurie Sutherland Metadata Specialist, brought her special skills to the project by working closely with team members, resulting in an a robust, faceted searching capability.
Mr. Peter Cline Digital Library Applications Programmer, brought his considerable programming skills to this project and gave the site its robust functionality.
Mr. Jon Shaw Head, Research, Training & Quality Management, was an early and important voice in our metadata discussions.
Ms. Martha Brogan Director, Collection Development & Management, provided the encouragement which a project of this nature needs to keep it moving.
Ms. Beth Camden Goldstein Director, Information Processing Center, was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the project and provided the necessary staffing time.
Mr. John Henry Rice Graduate Student, was the lead cataloger for the project and set a very high standard for the catalog information provided for each record.
Mr. Steve Voss Graduate Student, continued the cataloging of the images after John Henry left for a museum position in Virginia.
Mr. Ned McConaghy Scanner, took great care not only in the scanning of the individual images, but also in maintaining a thorough log of the scans.